20 Year Old Male (Black/Novice) In serch of Male/Female texting master.

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  1. animeyuri

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    I need a MSN/Yahoo messenger chatting master/mistress (Preferably a Master) who knows how to treat a novice like myself. I need to be defiled and insulted. I want to be reminded that I am nothing. I want to follow orders and report back to please you. I want to memorize pledges of devotion to you. I have a web cam (Which I am not yet comfortable using right now) and I camera that I am willing to take pictures of myself at my masters command.

    I'm in a new apartment and I have no equipment. (because I am mostly into mental abuse) but I will still try to accomplish your demands to the best of my ability. I am available at all hours of the day (Until I grab a job)

    With more experience, Phone calls and full video chatting will be okay.

    I'm into anal play,nudity,humiliation,role playing, scat (no ingestion), heavy mental abuse. (I will never cross lines of religion)
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  2. animeyuri

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    The search is over and I have found my 1st master, I love him already...Being devoutly obedient to him and following his orders is all I need to be happy. My body and cock are his to do with as he pleases..Thank you Master for accepting me.

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