18 year old inexperienced female sub

Discussion in 'BDSM and Fetish personals' started by begging, Nov 29, 2011.

  1. begging

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    Hello there. I'm pretty new to the scene and am looking for a dom to guide me. My last boyfriend indulged my submissive nature to an extent, however he was not a true dom and so it was never truly fulfilling. I dream of being truly humiliated by a man, someone I can wholly submit too. Ideally I'd like chat, maybe even video sessions with such a man, with added 'bonuses' such as messages during the day with tasks, instructions, insults etc. However, I'm very open minded and eager to please, and am sure I can accomodate for whatever you might want. Im mostly into the bondage, humiliation, submission and discipline aspects of bdsm, however will gladly accept pain and sadism if it will please the man dominating me. If you are truly dominant (not just misogynist, this is important) and are aged 20-55 please, please message me or reply to this. I look forward to the new and exciting world you can show me :)
  2. Masteralex1991

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    Sent you a pm, hope to hear from you soon
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    I'd like to add to this thread instead of creating my own - I'm a curious sub who hasn't had a lot of experience. I'm a 19 year old college student, interested in the obvious as well as fire, blades, and electrocution. If you establish your dominance, I will do anything for you.
  6. sl.gh13

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  7. k9sadistmaster

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    ficking sluts and fake doms saying please wtf. if your real whores pm me get the fuck here, you be taught all i want from you simple.
  8. MasterVaux

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    I may accept either of you. You have my permission to pm me.
  9. PornoBdsm

    PornoBdsm New Member

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    thanks post
  10. masterjack

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  11. sl.gh13

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  12. kimerak

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    Hello I would like to chat more with you too see if we are conpadable please send me an email at sk8knny@gmail.com if your ibterested
  13. MaleDomSF

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    I am also very interested. Please contact me to discuss potential ownership.

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