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    Hey there I am looking for an online mistress/dom to talk with. I am in Ottawa right now but leaving to the UAE tomorrow. I can skype or meet in person if someone's from there on this forum. There are many professional doms visiting Abudhabi. I am very loyal to this lifestyle, very understanding of Dom needs and will try to say things not because I think it's what you want to hear but because I want to grow closer as a sub willing to realize my potential as a slave. My limits are no poop, animals, etc. but other than that I am open for any harm that the dom thinks is suitable for me. This is in person of course. If you can't meet at abudhabi then I can serve you on skype! Please reply if you are looking for a loyal and trust worthy Slave that will be here for you whatever happens and Swim with it! Please consider me, thank you whoever is reading this thread.

    To all doms on this forum
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    Please pay attention to where you post. Moved to Personals.

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