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    I have always fantasized about being a sub, but none of my relationships thus far have really been able to provide that for me. I don't know a whole lot about the specifics, but am open to many things. I am an intelligent, open-minded, sensitive 22yr old. I am looking for a patient, attractive, communicative, and equally intelligent dom aged 25-40 to guide me. I would like to chat, email, possibly webcam and pics. I'm not sure whether or not I would like to meet in person, depending on how well I get to know you and where you live. Someone who will be patient with me while we explore my desires is necessary. I am into submission, some humiliation, discipline, bondage, and light pain. Depending on our interaction, I am eager to please and am open to things I may not have thought I was initially. My submissive, accomodating personality with sex is a key part of who I am in the bedroom; outside of it, I am independent and outgoing, but thrive on making others happy. If you think you would truly like to get to know me and explore my curiosities, please reply. Misogynists and those seeking a cheap thrill need not reply. Private messages will receive a thoughtful response.
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    I have always fantasized about being a sub
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    I would sincerely love to accomodate your needs. Do u have black berry messenger? X

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