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    My name is Dave Hughes. I'm 21 and based in Newcastle, North-East UK. Whilst I have never had a permanent mistress, I have been dabbling in the area of BDSM for around 5 years now. I know feel that it is time to step up my game a little, and am looking for a more serious mistress. I am a full time student, just finishing my degree in physics and chemistry and due to start my masters in October. My schedule is extremely flexible so time differences will not be an issue.

    In terms of equipment I own a fleshlight, monkey spanker and inflatable butt plug. I have a collection of around 10 pairs of used female underwear of differing styles. I do not know my bra size. I am more than happy to extend this collection! My particular interests centre on spanking and orgasm play. I am also a huge fan of hot wax. One limit which I would love to break is CBT - I've never been able to engage in this practice and would like guidance to overcome my reluctance. Hard limits are poo, pee, bleeding and permanent marks. I will also not involve anyone else in my play, so will often need to be silent as I have 3 housemates. Spanking is arguably my favourite type of play. I like to be spanked with objects found around the home as I feel it is far more creative and feels more 'real'. I have liquid soap but can buy more as per your orders.

    You should choose me as your slave because I am committed and willing to learn. I have gradually increased my pain and humiliation thresholds over recent years, but feel like I need someone to guide me through the process. I have a webcam and am willing to as you ask, in the hope that you will respect my limits and hopefully assists me in overcoming some of them. As you've probably realised, I'm unable to take true responsibility for many things and like to be completely at the mercy of others, hence why I am a complete sissy.

    I hope you find my application worthy of consideration and please do not hesitate to contact me with any queries.
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