Unisex Chrome-plated Steel Restraints

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    Unisex Steel Restraints

    RETAIL PRICE $99.95
    OUR PRICE $49.95
    YOU SAVE 50.03%

    Wow! Such a deal you'll get on these babies. These Unisex Chrome-plated Steel Restraints are so beautiful you can't argue, you just have to order them. That's an order. ;) All kidding aside, we highly recommend these cuffs, in either small, medium or large sizes. In fact, everyone in our office was drooling over them when we first got them in and already have their own sets, so now its your turn to own a pair of mirror finish luxury chrome cuffs.

    You get 1 pair of cuffs (2 Pieces) with Magnetic Locking Pins; the magnetic pins stay put, yet pop out easily with a gentle push for removal. You can use the tip of a pen, a toothpick or paper clip, the back of a handcuff key; almost anything will release the locking pin...except their fingertips! The weight of these cuffs is perfect, not too heavy - not too light, and each has an O-ring for easy attachment to snaps, chains, ties or other bondage gear. You can securely lock your sub's wrists, link them together or attach them to the toys and devices of your choice, but these cuffs are so beautiful and attractive that they can also be worn as jewelry. The stunning chrome finish is both pleasing to the eye and very distinctive so, for protection and storage, a beautiful draw string bag is included with each set of cuffs.

    Measurements: SMALL: The inside diameter of this S Size is 5.5 cm, the width is 2.0 cm. MEDIUM: The inside diameter of this M Size is 6.0 cm, the width is 2.0 cm. LARGE: The inside diameter of this L Size is 7.0 cm, the width is 2.0 cm. The weight of this item is approximately 350g (sm), 380g (med) or 430g (lg). Shipping charges on this item will be $5.99.

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    This deal is now over. Thank you. :)

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