Kali's Teeth locking chastity cuff

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    What a find! This is the classiest, most exquisite locking Kali's Teeth cuff we've ever seen. Most Kali's Teeth have a medieval look to them but this one is a modern take on the old classic. More elegant than brutal, this high tech innovation of quality workmanship is a weighty piece, constructed of the best polished, stainless steel. The fully incorporated brass lock is really cool. It doesn't come off so it will not be lost and, since it fits perfectly, maintains a smooth profile. The back has a precision rounded joint and there is even a removable O ring in front for bondage or a leash. This is the "Kadillac of Kali's Teeth."

    The adjustable machined "teeth" of this toy are also very high tech and cool. You can tighten them down by hand fairly easily, but to really dig their rounded tips in, use the supplied allen wrench. It is a little less intense than some Teeth we've seen out there and we think that is fine as the substantial weight of this item adds to the torment. Plus , this one is so nice you'll want to try enduring it for longer periods; out to events, under your work clothes, swimming, jogging etc. ;) Please click on the link on the homepage to see this item in use.

    Dimensions of the Kali‘s Teeth Ball Cuff: Height 28mm, Width 50mm, Depth 25mm, Material 9mm. The weight of this item is approximately 245g.

  2. Bart Francis

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    This deal is now over. Thank you. :)

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