The INCREDIBLE Bird Cage by Sex & Metal- Save $500!

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    Today’s Deal · Provided by Sex and Metal
    Sex & Metal Bird Cage

    This incredible hanging birdcage by Sex & Metal is a stunningly beautiful object and a piece of art for any dungeon. We here at DeTailsDeals think it is an even more amazing deal when we chop $500 off of the price for you, what do you think? Even if you do not have the right space for this exquisite predicament device, if you know someone who has a private or professional dungeon they will never forgive you if you don’t tell them all about this outrageous deal!

    The Bird Cage is made of powder coated raw steel with a deep red enamel finish, with Sex and Metal’s signature wrist restraints located in the top to clip your bird’s wings and locking double doors, ensuring that your submissive will be safe and securely restrained on the comfortable padded vinyl seat, which has a conveniently placed keyhole cut-out for various shenanigans.

    Placed at varying intervals around the cage and welded to the round steel bars are thirty-one clamps, positioned at a variety of heights and angles. These clamps hold the long steel stakes that are included with a storage stand and can be inserted to various depths so you may poke and prod your caged bird to sing or immobilize them completely, make them contort to your amusement, or risk impalement!

    Product Details : Height: 54 in/ 137.2cm - Circumference: 91.1 in/231.2cm - Door Width: 20in/ 50.8cm - Door Height: 39in/ 99.1cm - Stake Length: 23in/ 58.4cm Please note: All items are handmade in the USA. Individual measurements on each item may vary slightly.

    Price for this item is $2,250.00 PLUS Shipping and Crating charges.

    To purchase this Deal today, your credit card will be initially approved for the full amount as a credit check. This amount will automatically be changed to a down payment of $350. You will be contacted by Sex & Metal after purchase and they will arrange payment of balance and shipping info with you.

    Because this is a high end item, if you wish to discuss this with us prior to purchase you may contact us at 201-825-1313
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    MIRROR: Download from MEGA

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    This deal is now over. Thank You. :)

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