torture n play rape me mayb film it too

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    hey everyone im simon and i live in a place called louth in lincolnshire, uk, im very serious and very genuine and a non time waster, im only looking to meet at mine till i get to know you but then will travel with in reason.
    im average looking, very slim, 6ft 2ins, 28waist,
    ok what am i into?
    i love doing play rape scenes in all differant ways, i adore being got, stripped/clothes ripped off and restrained, tortured and fucked, used and abused and loads more,
    im well interested and up for doing play rape films or similiar as long as im tied etc,
    im looking for people who will play rape me/get me tied up etc and have your wicked way with me on a regular basis, male or female or both or mixed even,
    only ever had small cocks up me but would love to be helpess and tied down gagged maybe and play raped by a man, men with a large cock, or a woman with a big strap on,
    ive also done a play date rape one and would love to do more but filmed this time so can remember it all,
    im seeking total power exchange, and to be totally be controlled etc,
    can accomidate, willing to try most things or scenes as long as im tied or restrained etc, and if regular ill come round to doing all you say and want etc,
    consider all,
    clean, private and discrete always,
    will sign anything to cover us,
    not interested in scat, beatings unless from females, vomit, spit, no perm damage, no visible marks clothes cant cover and a few others and these must be respected at all times,
    ive done light to mild pain but again willing to take it further as long as not to far,
    im interested in anything a long these lines,
    again very genuine and we can have loads of fun,
    some things ive done, or want to do or try,
    i want to be tied up and my arse fisted but safely as i cant move,
    id like to do play gang rape but needs talking about, body shaven, spanked, whipped, pissed on, cum all over,
    anal stretching, id like to be got a placed in a swing and well who knows, would like to try more cbt, kidnapp, and quite a few more but again willing to do a variety of things,
    try me before you judge me as another fake as i really not,
    i prefer playing the straight lad made to take cock, dildos, toys, food, fingers, fist etc
    anyone interested get in touch if genuine would prefer if messaged me as new to all this forum stuff
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