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Discussion in 'BDSM and Fetish personals' started by Emma, Jun 5, 2009.

  1. Emma

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    Hi, ive been looking around this site for a while, havent posted, im a bit shy but people here seem really genuine and seem to actually believe in this lifestyle rather than playing at it. Nothing worse than someone whos like "im your master now strip for me, he he". So decided i might aswell post an ad!

    Im 20 and from Ireland. Im very intelligent and obviously modest (ha!). I would like an online master for the moment cuz i dont know how comfortable id be with meeting up with someone, for safety reasons. Therefore, anyone whos going to try and pressure me into meeting up with them can just forget about answering this cuz im not interested. I need to trust someone before i have sex with them and thats people in real life, meeting someone online is far more risky so sex will be something that wont even be an issue until trust has been fully established. Also the chances of someone being from Ireland are fairly slim.

    The same goes for pictures, ill send one or two of my face but no more, i dont want any connections being made between me and this as i prefer to keep it discrete. I will send other pics but my face cant be included.

    I enjoy being controlled and have never been a slave but have always been submissive in relationships. Other things i like would be being treated like a slut, being called names and calling myself names. Spanking, bondage, being slapped across the face, choked and gagged by hand or somthing else. I also love playing out rape fantasies.

    My limits would be no public stuff or risk of family/friends finding out, no girls, im completely straight and no anal.

    I think im a bit of a challenge in some ways. I have a very cheeky, outspoken personality i dont think im the type of slave whos just going to be a mindless zombie but i am great fun! So if you think you're up for it send me a pm or reply here!

    Em i think thats the main stuff!! Sorry for going on a bit of a rant but i just think its important to establish these things. I had an online master for a while and he wouldnt respect that i didnt want to send loads of pics of my face or that i didnt feel safe meeting up and it resulted in me saying i couldnt do it anymore. So dont think ill change my mind and i dont give into persuasion or being told i have to about certain things such as this so dont even bother writing if you're gonna try. Hope i do get some replies though :)
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  2. Pain-Taker

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    Hi Emma.

    My name is Martin. im 21 and from denmark. The fact that you have limits and state them out so clearly is only a good thing and dont ever let any one say anything else. And also if your not comf with sending people pictures of your face you should not do it because they are not needed in order to have a sub/dom relationship. But other wise great post.

    Im up for the role as your master and i have experience from real life and also little online. Your Limits will be fully respected and if you sometimes should have a need/desire for taking the dom side i can sub too.

    if your interrested send me pm.
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  4. Mellifort

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    Surprise surprise!!!

    Hello Emma,
    Just to surprise you, I am in Dublin.
    You are taking a brave step, its not easy. You do right to go gently. Time is on your side.
    I have just joined up myself, so I was really pleased to see a local on the site.
    Best of luck....Ian
  5. Emma

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    No way well im proven wrong!! If ya ever wanna chat pm me or something, always nice to hear someones experiences etc from around here!

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