The Pit

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    Second try for me as i'm trying to work out what goes down well on here story wise.

    No matter how many times she did it going into the pit always gave Louise butterflies. Just stepping through the door was like taking a step back in time.

    The room, if you could call it a room was actually below ground,and at one time had been no more than an animal pit used for bear baiting and later on as a place to dispose of unwelcome guests.

    It was built from stone blocks to resemble the inside of a castles turret with a viewing gallery around the top. The floor was rough stone and had been covered with a layer of fresh straw.

    There was no natural light or ventilation and the air hung heavy with the smell of sweat, urine and age. Light came from three low watt bulbs high above, and altogether it gave the place a dark depressing air.

    The furniture too was old and of medieval oak, but had been converted for restraint rather than comfort. The rooms only occupant was a man who had been stripped naked and hung by his wrists from a modern gantry above.

    He had been hung barely touching the ground to ensure maximum discomfort in his arms and shoulders. Hanging him that way also gave his body the effect of being long and athletic, even though in truth it wasn’t.
    He also had the look of being lightly oiled, but that to was an illusion, in fact it was perspiration caused by four electric fires that until very recently had surrounded him, again to make him as uncomfortable as possible.

    Looking up into the gallery as she entered Louise recognized most of the people there. They were all members of this very private, very exclusive, and very, very expensive club.

    Reaching the man Louise ran her nails lightly down his back making him twitch and shiver, her nails leaving thin white track marks in the skin

    As the involuntary shudder ran through body Louise circled his hips with her fingers and turning him to face her looked into his dull, confused and frightened eyes.
    Louise smiled as she held his hips wondering what must be going through his mind. He had been hung here for hours with electric fires to slowly roast and dehydrate his body.
    Before that he had been in a shipping container where he was starved and kept without water for days until finally being brought here only to be locked in a small cage in the room next door.

    And now he hung here ready to amuse and entertain the sadistic blood lust of a group of very rich men and women.
    Louise’s smile was one of pleasure as she looked forward to the night ahead.
    Louise was a sadist, and this poor unfortunate was about to bring her a great deal of pleasure.

    Looking into his eyes she let her hand slip downwards to lightly cup his testicles, and with a gentle squeeze lifted his feet from the floor. He moaned softly in her grasp as she opened her hand to expose his testicles laid out in her palm.

    And then she punched them.

    His scream brought a cheer from the gallery, and a few shouted suggestions as to what to do with his private parts. Louise though had no intention of cutting anything off, and simply punched again.

    As he screamed out his agony she tightened her grip and walking away took him with her before releasing him to swing backwards and forwards his legs air dancing to the cheers of watching crowd.

    Lighting a cigarette Louise walked over to a table and picking up a tiny remote control operated the hoist on the gantry above to lower the swinging man just enough to let him steady himself with his feet on the floor.

    “Do you speak English? No reaction.

    “I asked you a question, and raising her voice she asked again “DO – YOU – SPEAK – ENGLISH?â€

    Asking him was pure theater, she knew he did or he wouldn’t be here.

    He nodded

    Good, do you know why you are here?â€

    He shook his head.

    “You are here because these people,†She indicated the gallery “Have bought you. They bought you so they could watch you die very slowly at my hands".

    From a table she selected a whip. A length of carbon fiber that tapered almost to a point.

    Walking around the room she looked up into the gallery to ask? “So which of you naughty girls up there isn’t wearing any panties?†Most of the women raised their hands.

    With a smile she indicated an overweight woman wearing a dress two sizes too small and far too much makeup. “You walk out onto the bridge and piss on my flower, it needs wateringâ€.

    The woman’s face lit up at being chosen to take part in this ritualistic humiliation. and teetered onto the gantry in heels far too high, and much to thin for her enormous bulk.

    Spreading her enormous thighs she urinated through a hole in the wooden floor that was there for just that very purpose.

    As urine splashed over him the man shook his head and a grinning Louise continued her perambulation. “There you see? He is revived“. Stopping in front of him now and using the tip of her whip to lift his flaccid penis she asked “So shall I show you how we revive one of these?â€

    And the whole gallery answered with a resounding "YES".

    Louise’s method of hardening soft male members was simple, ‘suffocation’.

    Anyone who knew anything about auto-eroticism would tell you that strangulation or suffocation nearly always produced an erection. So out from under the table she produced what looked like a plastic fish bowl. However t this one was different.

    It had a rubber seal around the opening as well as an adjustable air vent in the front just about where the wearer’s mouth would be?

    As she tried to fit it the man kept moving his head in some vain attempt to escape the inevitable.

    But Louise well used to resistance slid her fingers around behind his neck and pressing her thumb into his windpipe waited for him to become more easily managable, and when he did, she fitted the helmet.

    With the helmet in place she needed to check the seal, and in order to do that she closed off the air vent and opening a small hatch on top started to fill it with water.

    The man inside was so thirsty he actually managed to drink a whole jug of the water, but, by the second he was struggling, and number three overwhelmed him.

    While she watched him trying to hold his breath Louise lit another cigarette and then took her time checking the seal.

    The look of desperation in his eyes was starting to affect her in the way it always did. So smiling at him she released the vent and let the water poor out.

    With him coughing and gasping behind her she looked up into the gallery.

    “I think it’s time for a break, I am thirsty and need a drinkâ€. Looking at the big overdressed woman she smiled. “You may buy me a drink. I think a Bacardi breeze will go down nicely, and afterwords I shall see if I can get the bottle right inside our friend hereâ€.

    Leaving the room she made her way to the bar where her new friend was
    waiting with her drink.

    The break was all part of the show. While they relaxed in the bar their victim was being cleaned up and given a shot of amphetamine to wake him up and make him more responsive.
    Leaving the bar Louise made her way to her dressing room to freshen up only to find a young woman waiting for her.

    “I hope you don’t mind but I sneaked down here. I wanted to tell you how fabulous you were.â€

    Louise smiled and said “Thanks†And opening the door indicated she could go inside. “So you though I was fabulous?â€

    Oh, you were incredible, so sexyâ€

    Seating herself at her dresser Louise started to repair her makeup and lighting a cigarette used her eyes in the mirror to indicate a door behind her. “You see that door over there?â€

    The girl nodded “Yesâ€

    “Well that’s my toilet. And I want you to strip down to just your knickers and stockings if you’re wearing any and go and kneel on the floor and wait for meâ€.

    “You want what?â€

    “You heard, and don’t pretend it’s not what you came here for, so either do as your told, or fuck offâ€.

    An hour later Louise kicked the exhausted girl away, and standing up went back into her dressing room, followed a moment or two later by the girl.

    “Can you untie me now? my hands are going numb.

    Slapping her hard across her face Louise shoved her back into the toilet. “Did I say you could come out of there, get back on your knees until I’m ready to deal with you†the girl looked frightened but did as she was told.

    Louise again fixed her makeup and hair, and then picking up a couple of belts went into the toilet and secured the girl to the radiator.

    I’ll be horny when I get back so make sure your ready†and touching the girls face she smiled. “Feel free to shout and scream as much as you like, no one will take any notice, they’re used to hearing screams coming from my room.
    Walking back towards the pit she felt good. She would prolong the man’s suffering until she was ready to explode, and then return to the girl.

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