"Australia" Land of opportunity Part 2

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    The remainder of my story, sorry I didn't realize there was a one thousand word limit.


    Veronica laughed, “It’s ok, there here to work in the garden. You don’t think I can keep it like that on my own do you?â€

    “No, and she laughed, "But we have gardeners at home, but we don’t keep them chained together naked, who on earth are they?â€

    veronica's answered in a matter of fact tome “They’re slavesâ€

    “Slaves, what do you mean their laves?"

    “Veronica explained, "The girls with the spears family village is only about a mile away and her family look after our cattle, take care of the farm where we grow our food, and tend my garden. In return we pay them in cash, cattle and sheep, fresh vegetables and fruit. It’s been that way for generations. It was Sally's great, great, great, great, grandfather who started the station, and over the generations the family have added more and more irrigation in order to make the land fertile and the station more profitableâ€.

    Using her cigarette as a pointer to indicate the group Elisabeth asked, “But that doesn’t explain the naked people chained up on your lawn does itâ€.

    “No it doesn’t. But the fact is that as the station has grown we have needed more and more laborers, and as you can imagine its not easy finding people willing to come to live and work in the middle of a desert. So we adopted the aborigine custom of slaveryâ€. And now Veronica used her cigarette as a pointer. “And they are some of the stations slaves, we have about two hundred in all, and the young Aborigine girls are their overseersâ€.

    This time it was Paul who spoke, which gave Veronica quite a shock. She had almost forgotten he was there. “That’s impossible; the authorities would never allow it. The police†Veronica interrupted him.

    “There are no authorities out here, no police, and no law. This country is vast. There are hundreds of thousands of square miles of uninhabited territory, and the few people who live out here do pretty much as as they pleaseâ€.

    The overseers had released the group of men and women from their restraints and were putting them to work in different parts of the garden.
    “So where do they come from†it was Paul again. “You said yourself this place is virtually uninhabited?â€

    And this time it was Sally who answered. “It’s been the same ever since my family came here. The Abbo’s around here aren’t your picture postcard tourist variety, they’re the real thing. This lot still boil and roast their food alive to keep the animals life force trapped inside, and the men of the tribe, well? they still practice cannibalism and drink the blood of their enemiesâ€.

    “That’d disgusting,†came from Elizabeth.

    “To you it might well seem disgusting, but these are primitive people, they still live the way their ancestors did hundreds, if not thousands of years agoâ€.

    “But surely the Australian authoritiesâ€, interrupted mid flow again by Elizabeth he fell silent.

    “Some of those people are white, Look that woman and those two menâ€.

    Now it was Veronica’s turn to speak. And taking a cigarette from the box on the table she too waited for Louise to light it before answering.

    “Back packersâ€

    Elizabeth sounded puzzled. “Back packer, I don’t understandâ€

    Veronica had switched her attention to Paul. “The white ones are back packers or tourists. The abbo’s pick them up in the outback, or we pick them up on the roads. Either way they end up here†She could see the truth dawning in Pauls eyes, and as as he looked in her direction she blew a thin plume of smoke towards him, and smiled.

    “Louise over there who served your breakfast was on holiday with her mum, dad and two brothers. They were in one of those Volkswagen camper vans the tourists love so much. The abbo’s took them out by Sutter’s Creek over three years ago, and they've been here ever since.
    As far as I know her dad and two brothers are still alive and working out on the cattle station, and her mum, you'll meet her later, she’s our cleaner.

    “What about us?†Paul asked, already knowing the answer, and not wanting to hear it.

    “You personally will be going over to the farm. We don’t have much use for men in our house. Elizabeth on the other hand will be staying here with us".

    “You can’t do that. People will miss us. There will be a searchâ€.

    Veronica smiled at him enjoying his uncertainty, he was clutching at straws. “It’s unlikely, but if there was a search we could always arrange for one of you to be found five or six hundred miles away in the desertâ€. And now he did look frightened.

    “You belong to us now, and the sooner you accept that the better. No one is going to look for you out here it’s an impossible task, and even if they did they would need Abbo’s as trackers, and they work for us, so don’t pin your hopes on being rescued. But just to be fair we’ll give you a chance. You can take Elisabeth and leave now on foot and with no food water or clothes. It’s only five hundred miles or to the nearest town, that’s assuming of course you walk in the right direction, and in this heat you'll last about a dayâ€.

    “You bitchâ€.

    She smiled. “That remark just cost you your tongue, anything else you want to call me before I have it cut outâ€. He looked as if he was going to pass out. And even the ever cheerful Elizabeth was silent.

    Sally called out and two of the garden overseers left their charges and climbed the steps to the terrace. Pointing at Paul she ordered, “Take that one to the compound brand it and take its tongue out, and then teach it some manners “The girl nodded and taking two thin strips of leather from her waist moved towards Paul. Obviously he backed away, but the second girl had moved behind him used the forked cattle prod to bring him to his knees. Within a minute his wrists were bound behind him and a noose was around his neck.
    At first he put up a fight, but a few more jolts from the cattle prods soon quieted him down enough to be led away

    Elizabeth became hysterical and she too had to be subdued. Which Sally took care of personally by locking a forearm around her neck and using a choke hold to subdue her.

    With the girl semi conscious Sally used her free hand to remove her top while Louise following orders from Veronica removed her jeans. Once she was naked Sally dropped to sprawl helplessly at her feet. As the girl moved Sally trod on her back pinning her to the floor with a gleaming riding boot.

    “Stay still†and a sharp jab from one of her spurs quickly forced compliance.â€From now on you stay on the floor, you crawl everywhere. You don’t stand up for any reason. You are a dog. You eat sleep, piss and shit on all fours. Your husband’s gone, and won’t be coming back, you do as you’re told and in a week or two we might let you stand up. And if not you go outside in a kennel. Your here to amuse us for now, and nothing more†. Grinding the sharp point of her spur into the small of Elizabeth’s back until she cried out sally removed he foot and joined Veronica. Lighting a cigarette she pointed at the girl still laid face down on the floor.

    “Louise, take her into the garden and teach her to fetch a stick or something and we’ll watch from inside it’s getting far too hot out here†Louise brought a collar and lead from somewhere and after fastening it around Elizabeth’s neck led her down the steps to the garden. Once out of earshot she whispered. “Just do as you’re told. They’re a pair of right evil bitches and would hand you over to the Abbo’s without even thinking about itâ€. And picking up a round white ornamental pebble she threw it shouting fetchâ€.
    And Elizabeth fetched.

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