School of Ordeals -pt 1 - Taking of Valerie

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    *WARNING: Non-consensual fantasy fiction. Contain explicit and extremely graphic depictions of bondage and forced sex. None of this is real.

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    Through his bluetooth earpiece, he could hear the 19 year old girl sobbing and mewing into her gag. “shhhh, shhh†he cooed, “I know it’s been nearly two hours…you must be really uncomfortable and hot and sweaty. But we’ll reach the old school soon where your new daddy is waiting for you…“ Valerie Tan, a sweet, petite chinese girl, made a strangled sound which excited him. She was crammed into a small suitcase that was buried beneath steel shelves full of industrial equipment in the back of a ‘construction site’ van. Her arms were bound behind her with cable ties, cutting into her soft skin at her wrists and elbows, pulling her shoulders back. Her legs were also secured at her ankles , knees and thighs. Dirty, workmen gloves were stuffed into her mouth and sealed in with a black leather head harness. The straps dug into her face and a thick rectangular slab crushed her lips. The delivery man, as he was known, had inserted a bluetooth headset into her ears before pulling a black hood bag over her head. She could hear everything he said and he could hear her whimpering through a private two-way cell phone line. The van bounced and rocked casually on the unmarked dirt road somewhere deep in a third world country.

    “I bought you six pairs of edible thong panties by the way. Virgin vanilla they call it. Isn’t that cute? One size smaller so it’s snug and delicious. Daddy is gonna have fun eating it off you for breakfast!†He heard her cry in response. He grew excited but reminded himself that she was for master Graheg. There would be videos though. He looked forward to watching them. A call came in. “Ah,†he relished, “speaking of daddy…†The delivery man clicked on conference, so that all three were connected. a deep, haunting voice broke through. “Valeriiiiie…are you reaching home soon?†The delivery man laughed. “20 minutes more sir.†Valerie shivered, bit down on the packing, tears streaming down her face mingled with sweat. It was hard to breathe. Daddy continued teasing her. “Two more long hours before your stupid international school realises you’re missing. Silly of them yes? Letting you young girls explore the old city and villages on your own. Independence training they call it? Look where that got you.†She started to cry noisily. “Tell me, my delivery man was really convincing was he? Pretending to be the local chaperone. And you my dear, so gullible to believe him, getting into his taxi to take you back to the hostel. You’re going to a hostel alright. Just not the one Mommy and daddy sent you to! Did you say goodbye to them properly? You’ll never see them again you understand…you are now my official plaything. I am your daddy now and you are my little bound and gagged kitten. I can’t wait to get you nice and naked…†Both men were gleeful. Valerie was terrified, recalling how she was driven off-road into the jungles and by the time she sensed something wasn’t right and before she could reach her cell phone, she was overwhelmed by the sudden violence of the 'kind native’ , knocked out cold with chloroform, just to awaken in her current terrifying state.
    “Ten minutes sir…†The delivery man said, loud and clear.
    “Very good. Very very good. See you soon little Vee…†The third line died.
    “Ten minutes baby…everything will change for you. Once we reach the old school, abandoned and forgotten, deep in the rural wasteland, once we get you into the fortified halls and into the playroom, once we get you out of that suitcase and into your new and horrible reality, you’re gonna wish you were robbed and killed instead. But oh no, we won’t kill you. We got lots and lots of plans for that pretty, nubile body of yours. It’s gonna be very very exciting…â€
    Valerie couldn’t contain herself anymore. She screamed and screamed into her gag with no one around to hear her as the van reached closer and closer to her impending nightmare.

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