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    I will be shortly starting a new story on Twitter. To follow along follow @crystelia_angel. It's a protected account so requests to follow will need to be approved, which I will try to do as promptly as I can.

    The idea is to unfold the story in real time as a kind of online journal. It will involve an innocent and somewhat naive girl finding herself drawn into a world of submission as she is taken advantage of, abused, manipulated, and exploited. She will be trying to make sense of er feelings and emotions.

    In order not to break the continuity of the story, I will not be responding to out-of-story posts in the timeline or by @s. That is, if you @ me "Great story!" I'm not going to respond since it would break character. I may entertain interaction of an in-story sort, but perhaps not initially. In the early parts of of the story, it is important that this be a "secret account" for the character that none of her friends or aquaintences know about.

    Number posts per day willlikely vary widely, just as they do in real life. Not all posts will directly relate to the main story, just as in real life. The intent is tomake this appear to be as real a Twitter deed as possible.

    Thanks for following & spread the word
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