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    So I recently read this book (Enslaved) by Claire Thompson and am looking for another book that is similar! If you haven't read this, I am highly suggesting it! May not be perfect, but I love it!! After the disappointing 50 Shades, I would love to hear from everyone on some of their favorite stories!!! I NEEED a book to read sooo bad!!!

    Though this story is 24/7, I enjoy stories that are just bedroom scenes too (and everything in between!). Point is, I am more looking for a good book than one that has similar content to Enslaved.

    I hope y'all read as much as I do!!!
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    I hear Sam Crescent (I hope I got the right author here) has decent D/s books, and also I posted a few in one of the other threads. And I'll have to check out Enslaved.
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    Oooo thanks! I am feeling really rurg about not being able to find a book. I am going to go check him out, thanks again!
  4. thinmint7

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    I think I am going to scream, or cry, or both while ripping my eyes out!! I checked out the author and like third paragraph down guess who is mentioned?!? That's right!! Christian Grey. I'm sorry, but I don't know if I can, man. I mean, I am definitely checking out your other reads first. Haha!! Thank you, though!!
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    For gay BDSM, the classic work is Mr Benson, by John Preston. It had a huge influence on how people think about master/slave relationships. The ending of it gets a little silly--it was written as a serial, and I don't think Preston could figure out a really satisfying...er, climax to the story. But if you want to see the platonic ideal of a gay master and his faithful slave, you can't do better. And the two main characters, Mr Benson and Jamie, are surprisingly well-developed characters. They have real heart, and Jamie in particular (it's written mostly from his POV) seems like a very real human being. In fact, many people have thought it was based on Preston's personal experience; for about 20 years after he wrote it, gay doms occasionally claimed to be the man Mr Benson was modeled on.

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