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    Hello there, I am a final year Social Sciences student and I am researching the experiences of Sadomasochists for my research project in light of the negative media representations against people who don't conform to 'normal' methods of sexual practice. My aim is to give a voice to the people who participate in such lifestyles. I am looking for volunteers who are happy to be interviewed and to tell me their story. All interviewees will stay anonymous throughout (and you can have the pseudonym of your choice, woo!) and are free to leave the study at any point, in which, all information gathered will be deleted and not included in the study. Volunteers are not under any obligation to disclose any information that they are unwilling to share.

    Interviews will take part via MSN, or could be arranged via e-mail.

    If anyone is interested, please contact me via [email protected] or add me on MSN using this e-mail address and we can arrange an appropriate time to carry out the interviews.

    Thank you very much

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  2. Butterfly

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    Hi, I'm sorry about the abrupt nature of my advertisement for volunteers. I just thought I'd add a few things about what I'm doing .

    Basically, the interviews are about the individual (I can provide a copy of what kind of questions I'll be asking...all are open questions to allow the interviewee the freedom to say as he/she pleases).

    I have friends into the scene, but of course, it's difficult for them to open up to someone they already that makes it a little difficult really.

    I was motivated to do this for my dissertation, due to the British Psychological Society agreeing on a ban on violent pornography and agreeing that there was a link between watching violent pornography and acting such things out on non-consenting individuals. I had expected the British Psychological society to have been more advanced and open-minded, so I was shocked by their decision and felt an urge to get out the other side of the story in response, because I feel they've let the psychology profession down.

    On the other hand, I completely understand that I may be seen as an outsider.

    Thank you for reading this, if there's anything anyone wants to ask, I'm more than happy to answer any additional questions.

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