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    sanctuary of secrets
    perspective 1- jade

    jade sat on her sun-lounger wine glass in hand turning over the small white card in her hand, a smile crept onto her face as she mulled over the events of the last two months.
    It had started 3 years before with an old school friend loren, there were no sectes between them or so jade had thought, they shared everything including a shared interest in bondage.
    3 years ago they had started the dares for each other, with each dare getting more daring as the list got longer.
    It was the dares that had set jade up for the encounters with Mr c.
    she lay back into her lounger, closing her eyes, her fingers slowly letting the card fall to the floor.
    The card had arrived in the post on her birthday with a simple note from loren containing the latest dare. The card was for a health spa, the dare was to have a massage while wearing a ball gag, jade had thought this is quite tame compared with the last set of dares, how much further from the truth could she have been.
    Before allowing the card to fall from her grasp she had held it up to her nose and breathed in heavily. There was a strange smell to the card which was slowly fading.
    The strangely spiced aroma of the card tantalising her memory of that fateful dare day. It had started as a normal fairly mundane dare, it had taken her awhile to locate the spa named on the card, she had arrived later than her appointment but the girl sitting in the reception didn’t appear to mind and led her into the massage changing room. She stripped off and wrapped herself in the towels hanging on the rail and entered the massage room. The young receptionist gestured towards the massage bed but what she had said was lost as jade preoccupied herself with her bag containing the gag, I need to keep this as close as possible, but how and when do I go with the gag. The lights had been dimmed and an in cents burner lit. she lay face down on the bed allowing the towels to fall to the floor. Jade smiled while looking at her bag which lay on the floor in front of her, she didnt even look up when the masseur walked into the room. The burner was filling the room with a strange spicy aroma and she thought it was making her feel a little light headed, though she couldn’t be sure it was because of the burner. As the warm oil was poured onto her body she allowed herself to to look around the room with her head on its side. The room was empty apart from an odd seat in the far side of the room. Along one wall there were two or three doors, one must have been the way in. she looked back at the strange chair, it was like no other chair she had ever seen. The seat was circular as a normal stool would be but larger, it was mounted on a long pole reaching from floor to ceiling. There was some kind of music trying to drift into the room, she couldn’t make out what it was the only part she could make out was the slow rhythmic bass beat of some kind.
    She lay face down allowing herself time to enjoy the sensuous massage before the time would come to carry out her dare, she was pondering how to go about this while the masseur was working the oils into her legs. She heard a cracking sound coming from one of the closed doors and thought it had sounded like a whip but immediately dismissed the thought as her thoughts were brought back to how to carry out the dare. Jade had a warm glow welling up inside her with the thought of the gag and her body started to tingle. Suddenly she became aware that the masseur had stopped and had left the room, she tried to do a quick mental calculation on how long she had been in here, but her mind was feeling fuzzy as her pulse raced with the thoughts of - now is the chance to complete my dare. She pulled her self forward, her well oiled body sliding easily forward on the PVC massage bed. Reaching down to retrieve her bag, she pulls the zip open and makes a grab for her bright red ball gag , she had considered a less obvious type out of her collection but had thrown caution to the wind in an attempt to raise the stakes. She was about to insert the ball into her mouth when she noticed someone had written onto the ball, closer inspection revealed it was a request in lorens hand writing raising the dare stakes higher, it requested her to don the gag and sit stark naked in the chair over the far side of the room, it dared her to wait at least 30 seconds, jades legs went weak with excitement and the thought she may be caught. She was starting to feel wet with excitement as she quickly slid her oily body off the bed and walked across the room to the odd chair. Putting the ball into her mouth and pulling the buckle tight she sat down on the chair, the chair seat was shiny chrome ring with a black leather or plastic centre. She had to take a small leap onto the chair which now seemed a lot higher than it appeared from the bed, her legs now shuddering with excitement. This is when it happened, somehow as she landed her backside on to the centre of the chair it seemed to give way and her oily body slid right in up to her arm pits, as this happened the shiny metal hoop of the seat seemed to tighten. The metal was smooth and cold against her skin. Now sitting through the loop with her knees up by her ears and arms flailing about she became aware that she was hopelessly stuck like a fly on a fly paper. She tried to push the ball out of her mouth with her tongue while trying to stifle a nervous giggle, but the gag was too tight. She just sat there trapped for a moment trying to get a grip with her predicament. Then to her left a door opened, she couldn’t see the door as the long pole the seat was mounted on was pushing her head in-between her knees. Someone walked around the back of the chair, gently took her hands and started to lift her up. How embarrassing is this jade thought, how am I too explain this to my saviour. But this was Mr c, he had no intention of letting her out till she had received the full treatment that she had come for. While lifting her arms higher out of the loop he pulled her arms back around the pole and straight downwards,a clasp of some kind clamped then firmly in place, she was now completely trapped. She tried moving her head from side to side to get a handle on what was going on but the ball gag was getting attached to the sides of the pole. The only movement left were in her feet and calf’s, this too was fast disappearing as a loop of rope was thrown over them from behind, pulling them up straight and fastened to the pole. At this point jade moved her eyes to the left still trying to see who was doing this, she couldn’t see but her eyes fixed on the open door to her left. Through the partly open door she could see lorens face staring back at her. Loren was on her back, on a table with her knees tucked up under her chin, held in place by a metal H shaped contraption, with the sides of the H at either side of her and the cross member trapping her behind the knees and her arms tucked under the cross-member in the opposite direction and tied to her feet which in turn were tied to the sides of the H. there she lay completely trapped like jade with her long hair bound to the floor pushing her head backwards over the edge of the table. Loren had intense pleasure etched on her face. Jades mind now racing it starts to dawn on her that she had been set to walk into this trap by loren. The faint rhythmic beat in the distance had gotten louder and was rising in tempo as loren was rapidly approaching orgasm and starting to fight against her entrapment. The door closes and jade is left by herself and her unseen and perhaps unwanted guest, though she felt no panic after seeing lorens rise into ecstasy and figured this was part of the treatment.
    The lights dimmed, the spicey aroma began to rise, again jade feels light headed but this could be just apprehension of what is about to happen.
    A figure moves in the darkness just outside jades field of vision. A light beneath her comes on and the figure moves forward. He is pushing a small trolley with a large cable coming out of the back, as it comes to a stop just in front of her she can see the cable is in fact hundreds of tiny wires with small bulbous ends like match heads , the figure still remains just outside the field of light. Suddenly a ratcheting sound can be heard and jade trapped inside the loop begins to rise upwards. She can feel the pole sliding down her back, at first she thought the pole was coming down but realises she is in fact going up like a car in a garage and a mechanic working beneath. The figure moves underneath her with the trolley in tow. Jade can hear a sound like tape getting pulled from a roll, she tries to gasp as she feels something prying her apart but the gag stifles it. It feels as though the tape is being used to open her out so to expose her dripping vagina, the other end of the tape is pulled tight and attached to her sides, she now sits, exposed and helpless awaiting for something to be inserted, but it never comes. Instead the wires are attached one by one with a kind of glue, starting at her clitoris and working all the way around the entrance to her vagina. She starts to become aware of a sound not unlike a dentists drill, as the pitch rises a tingling sensation starts to envelope her entire gaping hole, the frequency rises higher and higher, the feeling welling up inside her is intense and almost unbearable as she starts the slow rise to ecstasy, but before she can get there it suddenly stopped. She goes through the same process again and again and again, jade looses count quite early on but it seems to just go on and on, she would scream out and beg for the deliverance of orgasm but the gag doesn’t allow it .
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