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    Perspective 2 - Loren

    on one occasion loren had sat in her car opposite the spa, watching what and who goes in. it frustrated her a little that her appointment were not as frequent as she would have liked. She had watched from her car and from a small café with tables outside, she had remained there till early evening. There were both men and women frequenting the place, though not as many as she had thought. Some were there for just a hour while at least two were all day, at least 8 hours. What could they be doing for 8 hours. She also noted that the youngish girl on the reception would sometimes place the closed sign in the door and disappear through the side door into mr c's clinic. Some where genuine paying clientèle, presumably there for the health spa, these were led through the door to the right, but most were not paying like her and going through the door to the left next to the reception desk.
    But this was 5 years ago and had learned not to ask questions, she walked briskly towards her destination. She was wearing tight latex knickers and a tight corset, she liked the feel of the hugging clothes. As usual she had the feeling of butterflies in her stomach which got worse the closer she got, her pace quickens.
    When she arrived the closed sign was in the door window, oh crap. She peaked through the glass, the receptionist saw her and came over to the door smiling. Sorry didn’t realise the time the young girl says after opening the door to loren.
    Loren followed her inside, the girl was walking oddly, then took up her usual place behind the desk. Usual room she says gesturing to the door to the left. Loren hands the girl her small card that had arrived in the post 3 days earlier, you had to wait for the invite to arrive, there was no just turning up.
    loren pushed the door open and started walking towards the room at the end of the corridor, she momentarily wonders how jade will get on, it was her first visit today. She had set up this meeting between jade and the spa in a kinda trick, though she also knew jade loved bondage so it was a fair conclusion that she would thank her for this day, after all it was a birthday present.
    Jade wasn’t due for at least one and a half hours yet so loren had plenty of time to enjoy her visit.
    There was music playing somewhere, she had never heard music before, not in here. She passed a partly open door where the music was playing, she paused and dared to look. She peered in, it was a scene from pulp fiction being played out, one guy tied in his chair being guarded by the gimp, while someone was getting a real hammering from behind from mrs c wearing a strap-on, suppose mrs c must be playing Z. the guy in the chair looked over to the door and started to struggle and make muffled noises to loren, she considered whether this was part of the act or maybe it wasn’t, she quickly moved on as the poor chap getting it got louder and louder.
    She pushed open the door at the end of the corridor and walked inside. There wasn’t anyone there yet, the room was empty apart from a small or narrow table with two beams either side.
    She stripped off leaving her corset and latex undies on, mr c can remove those she thought.
    By this point loren was feeling like she was going to burst, excitement and anticipation running through her veins.
    Mr c had entered the room from behind her, roughly grabbing the laces of the corset to prevent her from turning around, she felt it loosening, it falls to the floor.
    One hand moved down to the latex knickers,grabbing the crotch he tears them in two and pulls the elasticated top up to her middle, both sides of the knickers now just dangling from the elastic, he raises her arms and in one movement slips the torn latex up over her body, past her hard nipples and up along her arms tying her wrists together with them. With the elastic holding her wrists together he leads her to the table by the torn crotch, turned towards her, now with both hands under her armpits he raises her to sit on the table, moves one hand back to the torn crotch, raises it high so she has to raise her arms and walks around the table pulling her over onto her back.
    Mr c smiles at her and climbs on to the table, standing over her he lifts both her ankles so she is in a lying down squatting position between the two upright beams at either side of the table. While holding her ankles with one hand he reaches around one of the uprights and swings around a cross member which he lowers over the opposite upright. He slides it downwards till it presses down on her legs behind her knees and releases the hold he had on her ankles. He unties her wrists, the latex falls to the floor, he passes one arm at a time under the cross member, then ties each ankle to each corresponding wrist, he places both of his hands on the cross member which is still tight up against the backs of her knees and firmly pushes down., the upright ratchets down on its one way ratchet.
    Mr c now ties each ankle to each of the uprights.
    Loren entrapment is now complete, the only part of her body she can move is her head, he has left her head free so loren can see what is all about to happen.
    He walked around to the side of the table and pulls open a draw she had not seen, it was flush with the side so to remain hidden from view till too late. He removes a ball gag and nipple clamps from the draw, walked around to the top of the table and pushes the ball in to her mouth, the straps are tightened.
    Loren was not too keen on nipple clamps, but at this moment in time she doesn’t really care. Thanks to her latex underwear she had worn on the way down she was feeling real horny, the latex had been rubbing and caressing her with every step, her skin now super sensitive mr c working in silence as usual just added to the atmosphere, what is he thinking, what is going to do to me runs through her thoughts.
    Loren watches as he walked over to a large cupboard, opens the door and wheels out a contraption of the most bizarre design. It looks like a trolley with a large wheel on the top. The wheel is not unlike a bicycle wheel only much larger. As it is wheeled closer and around the top of the table passed her head loren can get a good look at it, it appears to be a very large spoked wheel with a motor in the centre, around the outermost edge of the wheel there are a number of leather straps, each one fairly small by comparison to the wheel. Each soft leather strap is around 1/2 inch wide and around 10 inches long, the leather straps are just flopped over the wheel, looking inoffensive in there current state.
    It looks very heavy with a lot of large batteries underneath, oh my god what the hell is it she thinks.
    The contraption is wheeled around to the bottom of the table.
    Loren lifts her head, watching as the wheel is placed end on to bottom of the table, and switched on.
    Now its apparent what the straps are for, as the wheel turns the leather straps flail outwards, it makes the wheel look a lot bigger now.
    She watches, eyes wide open flicking from wheel to mr c trying to gauge something from his face, it was useless, he didn’t return the gaze.
    Loren rests her head back down, the exertion of keeping her head up is making her shake, mr c takes the nipple clamps and attach one to each labia, gently pulling each one by its tether stretching her labia open and attacking the tethers to the outside edge of the table, any small movement loren had in her lower body was completely removed by the tension pulling on her labia’s, she dare not even flinch.
    A length of tape is then applied to her clitoral hood and taped back exposing her now tingling and throbbing button.
    Lorens pulse quickens and each breath becomes shallower as the wheel is now moved forward towards her, the leather straps getting closer, she starts to feel the air wafting over her as it gets closer and closer. The wheel isn’t rotating that fast, but fast enough to ensure the straps stand out straight against the centrifugal force.
    Loren waits for the inevitable contact between her and the leather straps, but it doesn’t come, she lifts her head again and sees mr c moving around the table towards her, another set of nipple clamps in hand.
    She is now staring intently at his face, again trying to gauge any kind of emotion has he approaches the top end of the table.
    Loren feels a burning as mr c rubs small ice cubes on both of her nipples, the cold melt water runs down her breasts, she feels electrified and alive, fear always present.
    Nipples now hard and erect the clamps attached and biting in, the clamp tethers are ran over the H bar and some where down by the wheel contraption. The tension isn’t too tight, but enough to gently pull her nipples outwards and slightly downwards.
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    loren part 2

    With her head still lifted to see what is going on, loren sees the wheel moved into its final position.
    SLAP SLAP SLAP she didn’t feel the first couple of hits, the leather straps coming down onto her clitoral area.
    It wasn’t aggressive as the leather is very supple, but it is constant SLAP SLAP SLAP.
    The never ending assault on her clitoris is starting to take its toll, throbbing and tingling it is starting to become a little painful, the constant SLAP SLAP feels as though its getting harder, but the interval is the same, she realises that it isn’t actually getting worse it just feels that way.
    A dull ache and a warm glow starts to rise from deep within her vagina and is shooting up her spine.
    At this point lorens body starts to contort, she pushes her head hard backward, her head sliding down the table, arching the top of her body and neck, her clamped nipples lifting forwards, the tension on the nipple clamps loosen. There is a light ratcheting sound but loren cant hear it over the slaps of the wheel. The ratchet is taking up the slack in the nipple clamp tethers. Its only when she tries to straighten her head that the clamps really bite and pull. Eyes now wide open, loren pushes her head backwards again it an attempt to loosen the grip but this will just ratchets more slack she just created making her predicament worse.
    She is now stuck with the top of her head lifting her upper torso in an arch, she can only see the rear wall.
    Trapped like this is pushing loren right to the very edge of sexual deliverance. She bites hard onto the ball gag, her breathing getting erratic, but this tugs the nipple clamps all the more. loren has no thought on time or even mr c at this point but is aware the door in the back wall has been opened. Lorens wide open eyes stare through the door, blinks quickly and focuses on an image that sends shivers down her body. Through the door loren can see a girl trapped in a squatting position, held in place by a round hoop attached at right angle to a pillar reaching from floor to ceiling. The girls body glistening with oils, hands tied behind the pillar, the hoop with girl trapped inside is starting to lift higher as the outer hoop entrapment devise starts to winch its way up the pillar. Lorens mind racing, she sees the girl look straight at her, lorens realises it is jade, about to receive the same treatment that she had done a few years earlier. The memory, and with jade watching she starts to reach a point of no return. The door closes and she notices mr c intently watching her reaction to the image of jade.
    He walks out of view back towards the direction of the wheel, she feels the tension on her nipple clamps looses. She now notices they are really throbbing and are hyper sensitive to the point of being painful.
    She allows her head to slip back and she lies flat again, she closes here eyes and feels the nipple clamps coming off, they hurt as the blood rushes back in to them, with her nipples now throbbing like mad she notices the wheel has been moved away, it felt like it was still conducting its unopposed assault on her clitoris.
    She lies there basking in the rawness of how her body felt, taking deep breaths she opens her eyes.
    Mr c is standing on the table, removing the bonds from the uprights, he swaps the restraints on to the cross member and removes the bonds from her wrists, her arms flop down to the table one at a time.
    With her ankles still attached to the ends of the cross member mr c climbs back down.
    She hadn’t noticed the clamps being removed from her labia they must have been removed the same time as the nipple clamps, but she could move with relative ease now.
    Mr c was unbolting the cross member ratchets and allows the beam to fall away from the uprights with her ankles in tow.
    Now she is lying on the table with her feet on the ground and the beam acting as a very effective spreader bar.
    Mr c moves to the bottom of the table and coaxes loren to her feet, she stands up weak kneed, still wobbling and shaking mr c reties her hands together with a long section of double sided Velcro. He wraps the Velcro around her wrists three or four times, its very effective – soft yet firm with rough edges.
    The wrist restraints are then attached to a thin steel chain, the chain in turn is passed through a loop in the ceiling, loren watches the chain go through the loop and looks back at mr c, but still no hint on what his plan is.
    Lorens arms are pulled up but not outstretched fully, the make shift spreader bar is now tethered through a similar loop to the one in the ceiling but in the floor.
    She stands there swaying forward and back as she tries to stabilise her breathing, but she hasn’t the time, she notices that mr c now has a large anal hook in his hand, it looks stainless steel and smooth shiny with a large ball on the end. Loren had seen these before but didn’t have one herself. Mr c didn’t need lubricant, he walked around behind her, reaching under he rubs the ball down her clitris between her labia then slowly slides the ball over her Bartholin glands and into her vagina. The glistening ball slowly starts to enter her vagina, pushing the sides away it starts to fill her. Loren tries to gasp behind the gag.
    He removes the ball from its path before it can go any further. Mr c still standing behind her passes a neck collar around her neck, places the hook back on the table and buckles the collar. Mr c then removes attaches a chain with hooks at either end and attaches one end to her collar. The collar feels a little tight, but before she tries to somehow get this message to him she feels the ball is back for more, only this time its slowly rotating and pushing its way into her anus. She tries to throw her body forward as the smooth cold steel tries to slip in. she tenses against the feel of the ball, but mr c reaching around her front inserts two fingers into lorens throbbing vagina, again she gasps and momentarily relaxes the anal muscles and the ball slides in.
    the ball is half way in, its filling and stretching her anus, she feels her anal muscles push against it but this just makes the passage easer. It pops past her sphincter, she can feel the fullness of her canal as it slowly moves up. She couldn’t feel the coldness of the ball any more but the fairy thick shaft was cold against her sphincter as it is sliding through. Eventually she feels the tightness of the bottom of the hook coming to rest against her ass crack. He removes his two fingers from lores hot wet hole and attaches the hooked chain to the anal hook and starts to shorten the chain. Loren is forced to arches her back in response to the shortening until she is arched to the point where she is looking straight up to the ceiling.
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    loren part 3

    Mr c then takes the slack from here wrist restraints going through the ceiling hoop, as it stretches her she has no choice but to stands on tip toe. She now cant move again, and is completely at the mercy of mr c.
    loren can hear mr c going back into the room containing jade behind her she hears the door open and close after a short pause, she can hear jades muffled groans or screams. She also hears another familiar sound, the sound of the squeaky wheels of the piezoelectric transducer machine that had been used on jade . She can hear it being moved into position behind her. Now she feels mr c attaching the piezo ends to her whole clitoral area one by one, they were somehow attached by some sort of glue.
    Loren can hear the familiar sound of the machine, a kind of dentist drill sound. As it rises in pitch she feels the vibrations from the piezo ends, she thinks she would love oner of these machines but that thought is short lived as the piezos reach max output.
    She again starts the long stairway to the place she loves so much. Mr c is now massaging her vagina opening with a vibrator, she doesn’t know the size of the vibrator but she doesn’t care, it feels so good. Her body tightens against the anal hook, its pulling firmly upwards as she involuntarily
    tries to straighten her body, she cant help it, her body is trying to writhe about but all this achieves is to tug on the hook. Mr c slowly pushes the vibrating tormentor into her now dripping love hole. It works its way right up till she can feel it pressing against her back, there is no way to stop an explosive orgasm now even if it all stopped, he starts to thrust the vibrator up and down, fucking loren hard. This flicks the final switch and lores body explodes in ecstasy. Starting from her throbbing raw clitoris, shooting up her entire body, she feels an overwhelming urge to just be able to dump her entire weight on the hook ,an almost suicidal urge. She lets out a primeval scream but it stopped dead at the ball gag, just a tiny amount finds it way out around the sides.
    Now trembling in the after orgasm glow, she can feel the hook slowly being withdrawn, it feels like she wants to defecate. It pops out and falls to the floor next to the vibrator. Her ass hole feels wet and abused but loren decides it feels good.
    The piezos are removed one by one, its quite painful for her over stimulated clitoris. She winces as each one is removed she is then just left to dangle from her wrists giving her time to catch her breath and recover what ever energy she could find. After 30 seconds or so mr c removes the wrist restraints and gets to work on the spreader bar, it also falls to the floor. He rises up and from behind her, kisses her neck as he straightens up.
    she turns around, a little startled buy that final act, her just smiles at her, turns and walked out of the room, she is left there amongst the implements of torture and pleasure strewn around the floor she finds her clothes in a heap where she left them, she doesn’t even bother with the corset , as she thinks about the journey home with just a skirt on below. As she dresses she feels every fibre of her clothes brushing against her heightened sensitive skin.
    The door at the rear opens and loren can see jade still in her restraint with her head resting on her knees. She walks through he door and over to jade as best she could, legs almost failing her and walking like she still has the implements of her torture still inserted.
    Jade raises her head drowsily, there is a spicy aroma in the room, loren again feels weak at the legs as the smell triggers a distant memory of her first visit. Jades restraint is already loosened and jade is running the risk of just slipping through. Loren takes her arms and slowly pulls her out of the loop and on to her feet, there she stands wobbling just as badly as loren.
    She looks into jades face to gauge how she felt, um interesting she looks total warn out but kind happy too, like how I feel, that’s good.
    They leave together both only stopping to book there next appointment in the book at the reception.
    They get outside and head for jades house, both holding on to each other. Loren is thinking this is just the beginning of there now deeper friendship.

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