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    Older w/m Dom with many years experience with bdsm, both online & in real life, seeking submissive female for online play which may include task assignment, age play, race play, forced sex play.

    I'm intelligent, creative, cruel -- not necessarily in that order. Seriously into humiliation of all kinds -- verbal, sexual, emotional, physical.

    Your looks and age matter less than your willingness to submit & experiment with new things. I'm not in this to collect pics, but you MUST be willing to submit photos and/or videos and/or appear on cam, though you do not need to show your face until trust is established. You WILL need to submit a photo made to my specifications to get things going after the first email or two.

    Two more requirements:
    1. You must crave humiliation.
    2. You must accept that women are inherently inferior to men. I'm not looking for debate or intellectual discourse -- I'm looking for a slut who knows her place.

    Contact me for a short list of tasks previous subs have been required to do.
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