Male Dom Looking for online female slave

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  1. DrStrangeLove

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    Male Dom Looking for online female slave [UK/EU]

    I'm a new online Dom looking for a new online slave. I do have some experience, just not much. My slave must:

    1. Be honest and obedient (should go without saying but you can't tell these days).
    2. Be female and between the age of 20 and 50.
    3. Live in an EU or the UK timezone
    4. Be safety orientated
    5. Willing to start with email or IM but move to voice chat and cam work later on.

    I intend this to be a voyage of learning and discovery, so don't come with any preconceptions or opinions. I eventually wish to have an RL slave but I'm not looking for one at this time.

    I offer imagination, care, and an attentive nature towards my slave.

    PM me if this sparks your curiosity.
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  2. DrStrangeLove

    DrStrangeLove New Member

    The position has been filled and is now closed.
  3. Sparrow69

    Sparrow69 Moderator

    glad you found your special someone. Good luck and dont forget to keep us updated!
  4. ketansharma112233

    ketansharma112233 New Member

    Please make me your slave, I am ready to share my pics & videos.

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