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Discussion in 'General fetish discussions' started by Little_M, Aug 5, 2009.

  1. Little_M

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    Okay, I have a major fetish for the calculating, sadistic doctor type. Whether I'm a patient or a nurse, doesn't matter. Just the thought of going in for a routine checkup and it ending with you being totally at his mercy... And then there're all those fun instruments :p

    I've read that medical-type fetishes like this are pretty common, although most of the stuff I see is femdom nurses and the like... Does anyone out there share my fetish, or have something similar?

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    Hmm...I dressed up as a nurse for one guy, but it wasn't BDSM related. However, my master and I have talked about this a bit, and have been having a look at some shiny, tight little nurse's uniforms... ;)
  3. subspace

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    Haha, this is funny because I wear scrubs for work and unfortunately I work in some areas that are know for prostitution and I always have men asking for my 'services'. At first I didn't get why because I thought it was obvious by my uniform that I wasn't a prostitute. It wasn't until a friend said that they probably thought I was role playing that I got it. So....I think this is a pretty common fantasy even in the vanilla world.

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    Maybe it's the 'examination' thing that is the forbidden fruit here, the old saying, 'My doctor/nurse is going to examine me today at 3pm, and she is gorgeous, FUCK.. I hope I don't get an erection', and the lady may have an internal probing by the doctor with the mask on, asking personal questions as he makes contact with his lovely eyes. Also, as Little M says, all those delicious instruments. :)
  5. monocrome

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    i like the fear aspect of it, and medical play often pushes my limits hard as i have a real fear of many of the impliments.

    i also love scary, old looking impliments or "medical torturer" thing. it's hard for me to get into that space during this sort of play but it is so very interesting to me.
  6. master jey

    master jey Moderator

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    me and my babe are fans of medical play
    and i fit nicely in sadistic doctors skin ^^

    medical fetish fans watch elsa woman wolf of SS and you'll learn real things :)
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    Where can I find surgical masks to buy? :confused:

    I've looked in the chemist, and in the first aid sections of supermarkets and so on, but no joy :( So does anyone know of anywhere, any shops or websites where I could find some, preferably for cheap too?
  8. master jey

    master jey Moderator

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    you can bie it at apotec...

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    nip down the local Wickes or B&Q and pick up one of those small white dustmasks from there. they are pretty similar to what you want and are only a coupla quid. They also do the goggles and hairpeices there. and the disposable latex gloves.

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    Oh and medical fetishes are a definete +1 from me. I work in a hospital, there are all sort of things around that can be used in ways they weren't really designed to be...

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    Hmm, I never thought of that, I'll look into it :)

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    I'm not sure if i really have a medical fetish but for some reason nitrile gloves make me weak in the knees. I dont much like the idea of a doctor but those gloves...oh geez. I think i enjoy the gloves aspect for the different sensation and it feels a bit anonymous, like he doesn't think that I'm clean but can't resist a little look see. :)

    Black nitrile gloves especially, you can see the moisture on them easily. :D
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  13. Malelesbian

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    My wife has a serious doctor/gyno fetish. If I ever need to get her really wiggly in a hurry, telling her a naughty story about her and an exam getting out of hand definitely gets her motor running!

    I bought an antique medical exam table years ago at an estate sale for like $10 with hopes that one day we could use it for some role play, but I finally got rid of it last summer b/c it has just been sitting in storage over the garage. It's kinda' hard to explain why you have something like that in your house, especially to your daughter!

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    Ooh...I had very bad thought last week :eek:

    I was at the doctors' for some blood tests, and while I was sat alone in the examination room, waiting for the nurse, my eyes landed on a box of surgical masks. I was seriously considering helping myself to a few of these, but I was too scared :(

    Fuck, I am such a bad puppy :(
  15. master jey

    master jey Moderator

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    you could steal them...BAD PUPPY!
    yeah you are right

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