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    I am currently seeking an online slavegirl to train over webcam. I personally enjoy training slavegirls and disciplining them to become obedient, disciplined, and submissive. I would assign tasks such as dancing, singing, cooking, and painting, as well as self-bondage, foodplay, and eventual total control of your habits, wardrobe and lifestyle.

    I prefer a female who is 18-20 years old. She must be thin and must have good proportions. And she must have access to a web cam.

    Indeed, I have experience as a Master, as I used to own another online slave. I would give her simple but enjoyable tasks, such as described above. I was strict with her, but she and I enjoyed every single session. Whether or not you are an experienced slave, I promise you thrills that you've never felt before. Apart from the bondage and humiliation, I also find that it is important to get to know a slave well. That way, we will both be able to build a healthy, friendly relationship with you. Send me a message if you are interested, or you may also e-mail me at And be sure you address me as Sir. Truly, to become my slave is something you must look forward to.

    Awaiting your response.

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