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    I'm an 35yrs male from Kolkata, sadistic dominant looking for a female submissive in any form . I am also someone who doesn’t mind being a sounding board and listen well. I also have a great sense of humor. I am looking for a submissive female for an initial on-line relationship.

    My biggest turn ones are humiliation and control of various kinds, like orgasm control, urine control, what you are wearing, what you are doing and when, forced masturbation, etc. I will be cruel and demeaning. You must want to be treated like less than a person. You will be a pet for me to manipulate and use.

    You will be carefully instructed how to tolerate pain and humiliations, and if you are bad you will receive punishments which are worse.

    Basic qualification
    cam sharing and/or photo sharing.
    genuine attitude of trying.

    A great personality is a plus.

    Special Note:
    Age,race,cast,color - no bar

    Don't try to add me straight away by sending a request. I will not accept your request. To come into my slavery, you must fulfill the following conditions and and strictly abide following rules mentioned bellow.

    1. Slaves can never ask question u just have to listen and obey me by following each and every order of mine.

    2. Slaves must address me as Sir only.

    3. You should Change your name to "(ur name)_slave4prince"(because from now u r my personal property and no one else. )

    4. After you become my slave you should be ready to hear ABUSING words for only u ...thus if you really want to be my slave then make one point clear in your mind that my place in your life superior. So I think its clear that I can humiliate my bloody slaves

    5. My slaves should entertain me by writing some nice mails not copy pasted and must be your original ones and yes pictures are welcome.

    6. I demand absolute obedience and love to see my slaves begging for my attention.

    So Galz... don't expect any good treatment because from now onwards you will be my slaves....and only those who can obey my orders and follow the above mentioned rules can be my slaves. Those who do not comply with my rules , do not add me. You are not my piece of cake because you do not have enough guts and I don't want to play with baby girls whatever may be the age.

    If u agree with the conditions above and still willing to become my slave, write me a proper application with subject line by mentioning that u r satisfied with those rules, and u should beg in that application for your acceptance as my slave. So write your application at my scrap book.



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