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What do you think of my Mask?

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  1. It's awesome

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  2. It's O.K.

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  3. It's kinda ugly

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  4. Like the look, but find somethin a little different

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  5. Find something with Leather and spikes!

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  1. J zero

    J zero Member

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    So what do you think about my mask in my picture?
  2. J zero

    J zero Member

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    ive been looking around for a new mask, i prefer some of the custom paintball masks, because i like the designs on them, the blacked-out visors, and the comfort.

    i use them for various scenarios when im topping my sub, or just for random scenes as a masked psychopath :D
  3. SirYakov

    SirYakov New Member

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    I do not wear masks normally, because I like my sub to look at me at all times, but I think a paintball mask is a good idea. They look menacing in my opinion. Or mybe one of those ski masks, not as cool, and not for use everytime, but it could evolve into a nice game...

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    My master and I use a ski mask, and while it doesn't really look flattering, it is delightfully sinister ;)

    As for your mask J, it is cool, definitely different, but it would have more of an impact if your eyes were completely visible, and you could make your slave look at you...that is such a powerful thing to experience :)
  5. Sub4Life

    Sub4Life Member

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    I love being able to look into my masters eyes when he dominates me, and I am always ordered to look at him. Try somthing so she can look at you, it's intense.

    (To SirYakov) when did you get an account here!
  6. J zero

    J zero Member

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    i definitely want to get a mask with eye openings, but i also love the blacked-out ones so my sub cant tell even what my eyes are showing. it allows for a complete mystery as to what im thinking and feeling. i love that feeling of knowing that my subject doesn't know what im thinking.

    mind games are so much fun....
  7. Sub4Life

    Sub4Life Member

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    You're sounding like my Master now lol

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    i like the idea of the stranger fantasy but there is so much power in my Sir's eyes that I am reduced to putty almost immediately, which seems to have a direct switch to the moisture between my legs :D
  9. Sparrow69

    Sparrow69 Moderator

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    It's a paintball mask is it not? It looks like the ones our sponsor gave us for this season. Why not spay paint it flat black, with either the chromed lens, so they can see their own expression, or the clear one, so they can see the expression in your eyes....
  10. J zero

    J zero Member

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    thats a great idea, i want to get a new one with a mirror lens

    im currently looking into having a custom mask made for one with eye openings, its probably gonna cost a pretty penny though, but it will be worth it :)

  11. Click here for more. pics if you do! :D
  12. J zero

    J zero Member

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    will do!

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