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  1. Andy123

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    Hi im a 26 year old man, i have a fantisy that goes like this, i want to be seduced by a woman and lured back to her place or a hotel, she flirts with me and lures me to bed, she tell me she wants to try something naughty and proceedes to tie me face down to her bed and gagged. At this point she laughs and says, "wait untill u see what i have in store for you" she then brings in a man and he undresses, she then sets up a camcorder. he woman then proceedes to get the man hard, she lubes me up, switches on the cam and films him raping me.

    This has been a real fantisy of mine for such a long time that i have now decided to try and find a couple who will play this out with me.

    anyone interested plz contact me at

    ps i have no issues with couples of different age gaps from me
  2. Andy123

    Andy123 New Member

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    plz let me know what u thin of this and if u have ever heard of anything like this happening for real thankyou

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    This is a well known urban legend as far as I know, I have heard of it but no-one can pinpoint the actual guy it happened to, if you see what I mean. [A friend of a friend's friend, etc .. ]
  4. master jey

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    nice fantasy (not the male part...)

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