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  1. Andy123

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    i have been thinking of carrying out a fantisy of mine for some time now, basically i want to be lured into a honey tap by a woman and lure into being tied to the bed at this point i want the woman to let a man into the room and make me watch her get him hard, i then want her to film him or photograph him raping me, im not gay or even bi but the fact of being tricked by a woman and forced to do something i dont want by a woman is something that turns me on to no ends, has anyone ever heard of people doing this before and if so how dd it go

  2. ReallyGreen

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    Forced-bi? Its pretty common. Most every pro dungeon can cater to it.
  3. Andy123

    Andy123 New Member

    has anyone ever heard if this happening for real and not in a role play if so what happened
  4. ReallyGreen

    ReallyGreen Member

    Its pretty far-fetched to believe the scenario you describe would ever happen spontaneously. Lets explore....

    1. The "trick". In real life, how many times has your casual sex included full body bondage without any advance knowledge? (Did you think the handcuffs on the headboard had another purpose?) Unless you were tricked with a roofy colada (GHB or other 'date-rape' drug) in which case you wouldn't be coerced into her bed so much as hoisted there by somebody with excellent upper-body strength.

    2. The other guy. Why would a homosexual rapist be hanging-out with bondage girl? Getting consensual man-on-man action is as easy as going to Craigslist. In all probability the only places a straight male is ever going to be the victim of man-on-man rape is prison, or an all-boys boarding school when you're younger.

    So my answer is still 'No', you will be far more likely to be struck by lightning than ever encounter the scenario you describe. If you simply must live-out your fantasy contact a dominatrix, describe what you want, and try to forget you're paying these people large sums of money while they have their way with your "innocent bystander" ass.

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