Honey Trap

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    I was lured from a night club by a woman older than me, im 26 she was approx 37 very attractive and professional looking. This woman was overly flirtatious with me and i knew something was not right but i couldnt resist her attention. The woman told me her name was Holly and she was in the area on buisness and was staying at a near by hotel which i knew to be a posh one. Holly asked me if i was single i told her i wasnt and said ill be honest with u, Holly said she didnt mind as she was married also, she then asked if i would come back to her hotel for a drink, somethings not right but how can i resist her im thinking. We arrive at the hotel and make our way to her room (337). Holly was wearing a buisness suit, skirt, black stockings, white blouse and red bra, she takes her jacket off and her figure makes the blood run to my cock. Holly sits on the bed and invites me to d the same. We chat about general things and i ask her how old she was, Holly said she is 39 and she was stunning, im 26 but when she asked i lied and said 22 as i think it makes it feel more naughty, she says in a joking manor i could be ur mommy.
    Holly asks me am i a person who is a straight shooter and doesnt mess about, i say yes and Holly asks me if it was ok if we do a "kinky session" to forfill her fantisy, "of course it is that would be great i say" Holly asks me to strip which i do and she gives me a complement about my body, i ask if she will do the same "all in good time" she says. now lay on the bed face down she says in a shy manor. Im scared but i want her attention on me so i do as im told i ask her why my front shhhhhh she says its all going to be fun, im going to spank u and whip u gently and i dont want u escaping ok? she says , ok i say.
    Holly ties my limbs to each corner of the bed and very tight and im stretched out so i can get any leverage to move. Try and escape Andy she say, i try but i cant, great i got u now she says. Holly straddles my back and tells me to close my eyes and open my mouth which i do, all of a suddent i am gagged with a gag that has a dildo on it so it keeps my mouth open and me quiet, now im scared as she ges off. Holly looks different now pissed off almost, "ur one of the easiest" she says sitting on the bed stroking my hair she gets on her mobile phone and rings someone, she tells them im all ready and tied.I begin to struggle like crazy but to no avail, Holly in a very motherly way strokes my hair and tells me its all going to be ok. Then there the knock at the door she goes and opens it and to myshock, ts a man, apporx 36 years old, they begin to kiss eachother and make out, coming over to the bed he looks and tells her shes go a good one this time. Holly stands him up and strips him down, she then peforms oral sex on his until hes hard and what a size his cock is.
    Holly gets up and gets her bag opening it she pull out some vaseline to my shock, "oh god plz" i think, she takes a scoop out and slowly works it into my rectum inserting fingers and trying to relax my muscle, it strangely feels nice but im concerned more about the guy who she begins to lube his cock. (its time to let u reader know im not bi at all totally straight in real life) Get on the bed Paul but dont touch him yet so he does so. Holly takes out a camcorder and sets it up, "are you ready Andy" she says with a smirk, i now begin to struggle like crazy but i have no effect. "Lets start" Holly says. I behin to prey as the man stroke my back and reaches under me pulling back my foreskin and holding it, Holly has the cam trained on us both. Getle or quick Paul says to Holly, Holly asks me and i struggle she says i think thats quick then. OMG all of a sudden he thrusts his cock at my rectum entering it with one push and giving me the most painfull feeling in my life. Paul begins to pump his hips at my ass fucking me hard and fast my muscles feel like they will rip as i cry in pain,humiliation and fear.Heere i am tied to a bed by a sex woman only for her to let a man rape my while she films it. The fucking continues for over 20 mins while all this times Holly films it. Once 20 mins passed i felt him quicken i knew what was next, h was ready to cum, he had no condom on andwa just about there. All of a sudden i felt the hot warm wet feeling in my ass as he filled it with his cum, all this as holly encouraged him to "get me"
    "Oh baby are you ok" said Holly motheringly to me, How do u feel she asks.
    Andy guess whats next she says, u will pay me £300 per month to prevent this video from going on u tube and to ur work place and g/f house, at this Holly takes my wallet, phone, money and the cam, she gives them to paul and he leaves.after 15 mins Holly tells me she will now untgie me and if i do anything to her i will be an internet sensation. Now untied i sit on the bed she sits next to me puts her arm around me and asks, does it hurt, yes i say and she lays me down saying ill help u, Holly the proceeds to give me a wank although i hate her i cant stop her and in no time i cum in her hand, "good boy" she says "you have been very good for mommy" at this she left and told me to stay for 1 hour.
    1 week later i get the first demand fo £300 which i paid her, and sure enough the 2nd of each month shes there to collect, now this is a web im stuck in.

    To all reader i had a similar experience to this but i added a lot to this to make it more of a story, has anyone ever hear of this happening befor eand if so id love to know what it was and how it happened.
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