Male Submissive from India/Kolkata looking for a mistress

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    I'm a male submissive from India/Kolkata looking for a mistress.

    I would like to be your submissive and would like to explore your various fantasies.
    Some of my kinks are orgasm control, eding, bondage, gags, blindfolds, mind fucking, teasing. :p Long list. And my limits are inserting things in urethra, extreme pain, exhibition, scat, piss, blood.
    I like to be controlled by someone, even though i wouldn't say humiliation excites me, but i tolerate it...for the mistress. I really crave the intense desire to do anything and everything for my mistress, but i haven't met anyone as of yet to make me feel so. I really hope to find someone like that. Maybe you are that person or maybe not. I look for stability so i wish to stick around for a long time. Hope you accept me.
    A Submissive at heart.

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