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    I'm 21, male and I'm submissive, I'm not a SLAVE I'm just submissive, I like to be dominated not abused, there is a difference if you are interested to know. I'm not experienced with the BDSM acts

    I'm looking for a mistress to dominate me online, however I have been lied to alot and many mistresses are fake or just don't know what domination is, if you are a mistress and wish me to be yours, please read these

    I have:
    A camera
    A Skype Account
    Will to please my mistress

    I have limits:
    No acts involving fire play
    No acts involving the family of either the submissive or the dominante.
    No acts involving urination or defecation and the products thereof
    No acts involving needles, knives, piercing, or blood
    No acts involving children or animals
    No acts that will leave any permanent marks on the skin

    and because there are alot of fakes out there, the mistress must also have:
    A Skype account.
    A camera and willing to show at least that she is real.
    An understanding of what domination is.

    A mistress and I can decide on a the number of days and which days we can apply our relationship.

    The secrecy of the relationship is a must.

    (as a submissive I have no requests from the mistress but a mistress must also care for her submissive as well and care for his pleasure, as I said I'm not a slave, I'm a submissive. Also the relationship between my mistress and me doesn't have to be limited to just the acts of domination, Friendship with my mistress will help us both achieve our pleasures.)

    Please respond to my request with your skype account if u wish to have me, Thank you.
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