Maine Man Convicted In Fatal Sex Dungeon Shooting

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    Maine Man Convicted In Fatal Sex Dungeon Shooting

    Victim Shot In Head During Drug-Fueled Sexual Escapade

    DAVID SHARP, Associated Press Writer
    POSTED: 3:51 am EST January 13, 2010
    UPDATED: 9:16 pm EST January 13, 2010

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    PORTLAND, Maine -- A gun collector who introduced several weapons into sexual play with two other men contended the weapons were intended to fulfill a sexual fantasy. Instead, a lethal combination of drugs, extreme sex and Russian roulette put him on trial for manslaughter.
    Both the defense and prosecutors said there was no intention to kill. But prosecutors said defendant Bruce Lavallee-Davidson, a farmer from Skowhegan, was responsible for ensuring his gun wasn't loaded when it was being handled. He was convicted Wednesday and faces at least four years in prison.
    The trial shed light on a dungeon in the victim's South Portland home that was filled with sex toys that three men used as a drug-fueled escape from reality.
    Assistant Attorney General Lisa Marchese said the focus should be on the handling of the gun -- not the sexual acts that were going on in the victim's basement. The victim, Fred Wilson, 50, of South Portland, died of a single gunshot wound to the head on April 18, 2009.
    "You just don't hold a gun to someone's head and pull the trigger without making sure it's not loaded. And at the moment he pulled the trigger, he didn't know," she said.
    Defense lawyer Tom Hallett told jurors the men had been using guns as part of their sexual play and that the victim was a thrill seeker who may have slipped a bullet into the .44-caliber Rossi revolver unbeknownst to Lavallee-Davidson, who'd previously checked to make sure the gun was unloaded.
    Jurors deliberated less than an hour before returning their guilty verdict in Cumberland County Superior Court. Manslaughter carries a maximum sentence of 30 years in state prison in Maine. Because a gun was involved, the minimum sentence is four years, Marchese said.
    The bespectacled Lavallee-Davidson, with short gray hair and a goatee and dressed in a sport coat, gave the appearance of a college professor in the courtroom. He showed no visible reaction to the verdict, and left without speaking to reporters. Hallett said the outcome was "devastating" for him.
    The Dartmouth College graduate was in a committed relationship when he testified in favor of keeping Maine's now-overturned gay marriage law at a public hearing, four days after the discovery of Wilson's body and several weeks before he was indicted by a grand jury in Cumberland County.
    The fatal shooting happened after Wilson, Lavallee-Davidson and a third man had been smoking pot, consuming the party drug GBL, huffing aerosol inhalants and having sex over a 12-hour period in the basement of Wilson's Colonial home in a middle-class neighborhood two blocks from the ocean.
    The third participant, James Pombriant, 65, of Auburn, testified he first thought the others were playing a sick joke on him when he saw the flash of a handgun after hours of partying.
    Pombriant, who was engaged in a sex act with the victim when the shot rang out, says there was a moment of silence before Lavallee-Davidson said, "I think I killed him."
    Lavallee-Davidson, 50, contended the killing was a tragic accident.
    His lawyers said their client checked not just once -- but three times -- over the course of the night to make sure the revolver wasn't loaded. They contend the victim loaded a bullet into the revolver's chamber while Lavallee-Davidson slipped out of the room to use the bathroom.
    When Lavallee-Davidson returned, Wilson asked him to put the gun to his head and pull the trigger to intensify his pleasure, the defense contended. On the first try, there was a click when Lavallee-Davidson pulled the trigger. Wilson asked him to do it again, and there was a flash, the defense said.
    After the shooting, Pombriant and Lavallee-Davidson left Wilson's body behind for hours before Pombriant called police. Police recovered the handgun used in the killing and a .12-gauge Mossberg shotgun that Lavallee-Davidson had taken to Wilson's home for the sex games.
    Hallett said he was disappointed by the jury's fast verdict. "It was a close call. It was a tough case, and minds can disagree," he said.
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    ok, it worked that time
    weird....the link said "not found" when I tried it before

    Edit: o-o; well......there's one way to kill yourself I guess. Have another man do it for you unexpectedly
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    Twelve hours?!?! And the victim was 50?!?! Holy shit they make some good party drugs these days.

    Levity aside I will express my condolences for everyone involved. Kinky sex should never be fatal and its highly improbable we will ever know with certainty who loaded the revolver (and with that combination of drugs there was never likely any reason why).

    "The best sex is safe sex. In the case of gunplay ensure the firearm is unloaded at all times."
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    Well, the first mistake they made was combining heavy d/s play with drugs. A dom can't be in control of a scene if he's drunk or high. And for something as serious as gun play, the dom has a responsibility to be absolutely in control. Frankly, I think the man deserved to be convicted, even if the gun _was_ loaded without his knowledge. Maybe I'm just being harsh today.
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    sebastian, i completely agree. It's not a matter of bdsm, its simply a matter of mixing drugs, alcohol, and firearms.... always a bad combination. Anyone who chooses to do so, deserves to reap the punishment for it. I'm simply glad they didn't use the bdsm as part of the conviction, as it appears it was used merely to convey the reasoning the three men were there.
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    I must confess I don't understand the thrill of using guns (or knives or anything similar) during sex. Fear is a complete boner-killer for me. I realize for some it's a huge turn-on, but I just don't get it.
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    I don't play with guns :(
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    Adrenaline high.
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    Yeah, like I said--I know it does that for people. But adrenaline doesn't give me that response. It just makes me jumpy and anxious. Nothing even remotely pleasurable about it for me.
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    drugs+guns are really bad combination my friend shooted his father like thet
    and guns are not safe they are meant for killing you should never point a gun at a human if you don't want to kill him it's dangerous there can always be a bullet you shouldn't play with it even if you have checked it twise or even more
    i agree with both sebastian and sparrow dom is always responsible in such situations cuz he's the one who chooses the scene he's in control and he should be shure everything is safe
    i agree with his conviction he couldn't control the situation and he's sub was dead because of him!
    and this will give simple minded fools more evidences to (hate) BDSM
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