Looking for maid/slave from 21 to 45 years,long-term relations, LS 5/7.

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    After discussion with my wife we decided to find and invite submissive female for 24/7 relationships.
    We offer maid occupation position, we offer roof and food and some little money for women needs.
    We guaranteed her care for her health, and listen her at least one a week.
    We demand from such woman:

    0. She want or would relocate to Ukraine
    1. Full obedience 5 days (twenty-four hours) from 7 ( 2 days she will have for rest from us).
    2. Responsibility.
    2. Neatness, cleanliness
    3. Some Interest in BDSM Lifestyle
    4. Mutual confidentiality
    5. English Language.
    6. Experience in such lifestyle but it is optional.

    If you are interesting in such lifestyle, please write me in PM. We agreed if you want come just for a look at first time and then you will decide to accept it or leave it. Thanks for you attention.
    If you are in doubts, ask yourself - Do you agree to pay for trip for something new, little scary and —Āurios in your Life?
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    just up.

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