Looking for ONLINE sub/slave MEN ONLY !

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    ** Greetings and welcome to my profile !**

    I’m Ms. Carmen, I’m 27 years of age, from Toronto and I’m a Transgender woman.

    The purpose behind my coming on this site is in hopes of meeting AUTHENTIC submissive men who I feel can cater to my needs and also possibly establish a friendship along the lines as well.

    When it comes to the D/s lifestyle I feel I take my role fairly seriously, and enjoy being in control of the right men who I feel will work to satisfy me fully and in a very thorough manner. I'm also someone who enjoys building a bond and getting to know you before I dominate you. I feel a solid foundation helps form a connection.

    I'm seeking someone for CASUAL use only...

    What I seek is as follows, so ** PLEASE PAY ATTENTION **

    -25-35 ONLY
    - Single/Unattached
    - MUST have microphone/webcam for entertainment purposes
    - Seeking Casual use
    - Flexible schedule necessary
    - Honest, loyal, open minded, laid back

    IF I like you enough through conversation, I will expect a head to toe FULL NUDE picture.


    PLEASE MESSAGE ME WITH A PICTURE OF YOURSELF IN ORDER FOR ME TO SPEAK WITH YOU !. Please don't post reply below or post anything insulting either !.

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