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    Hi there everyone!
    I'm new here, registered right now. My name is Joao, I'm from Lisbon, Portugal, and I'm 19 :)

    I'm into Strict Long-term Bondage, Latex, Cross-Dressing, Boots, Plastic Wrap and so on...
    I'm not into pain, humiliation, watersports, and stuff like that.

    Now my biggest fantasy:
    How I'd like to be 24/7: 1 latex rubber layer... I mean, 1 complete sui, no head, hands and feet attached. Then, a black zentai suit with hands and feet, but withot hood. Latex shoulder length gloves with zipper. Black GoGo boots made of PVC, knee high, with blocked zippers, for me not to take them out.

    A high security steel chastity belt and a chastity bra, over fake breasts. A chain could be attached to the back of the belt and bra. Shackled wrists, arms (between the elbow and shoulder), thighs, ankles, with a chain connecting each shackle (ankle-ankle, thigh-thigh, wrist-wrist, arm-arm) and a long chain connecting from the ankle chain to a rubber posture collar (padlocked), passing by the other connecting chains.

    A rubber hood totally sensory deprivation. This is how I would ALWAYS be!

    During the day (school/work days: 7:00 pm - 11:00pm; holidays: Varies - 23:00pm):

    Same as above, though the shackles, chastity belt, chastity bra and collar would have additional chains, connecting to the wall behind me. I'd sit on a comfortable chair. Arms and wrists behind my back. Arms shackles' chain padlocked to the chastity bra, and wrists shackles' connecting chain also padlocked to the chastity belt.

    TOTAL Sensory deprivation hood on (gagg attached), which also would have a chain connecting it to the wall.

    Each chain which connected to the wall, shackles and collar measuring 50 cm's, while the hood one measuring 75 cm's.

    Sleep time (11:00pm - the hour I woke up):

    Exactly the same as above, but in bed. The shackles' chains that connected to the wall, would be connected to the wall beside the bed, and the wall rings are disposed exactly for someone who is sleeping. The bed's sheets would be all made of rubber.

    At other times, I'd like to be whole weekends in latex vacbeds, or bound in a bondage chair; laid on a bed secured by Segufix restraints; tied to a table, completely wrapped up in plastic, with the boots above me, for me to smell the results of two whole weeks without taking them off a SINGLE time.

    I'd like to know a Domme to do that to me, or at least, pratice :)

    Yoroshiku onegaishimasu!!! (Please treat me well!) :):):):D:D:D
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