Curiosity killed the cat?

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    Curiosity killed the cat? *EDITED*

    Ah, hello!

    This is a bit awkward for me....

    I'm 19 years old and I have been interested in BDSM
    for a few years now, but being socially awkward and
    painfully shy have never before now managed the courage
    to actually look into finding out more about it. So....this is a
    big step for me.

    I was interested in possibly connecting with an online mistress
    who can help teach me more about the lifestyle, and perhaps
    ease me into it. Though I don't just want a ..."professional"
    relationship I guess you could say, but I'd like a friend who
    understands that I am naturally skittish and a very shy person
    and that by doing this I am struggling to battle a lot of inner fears
    and concerns.

    I am requesting to be contacted by only females - it's a personal matter
    in which I just simply don' males as much as I do females.

    The above italicized statement no longer applies!
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    EDIT: In a sudden rush of courage I'd be open to any male dom's who might be interested in helping me, but I do ask you to go easy on me, I have a slight fear of men due to past betrayals...

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