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Discussion in 'Section open for any subject to discuss' started by sharik, Sep 14, 2007.

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  1. sharik

    sharik New Member

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    Hello everyone!:cool:
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  2. binetu

    binetu New Member

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    Hello sharik! What a lovely poppy you are! Can I be your friend? Mauuu.....
  3. sharik

    sharik New Member

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    hehe... i can't refuse you:p
  4. zaika

    zaika New Member

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    hello all, hereby i would like to present myself to the smplace community
  5. gqueen2

    gqueen2 New Member

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    just like to say hi any one from cleveland ohio
  6. rick121x

    rick121x New Member

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    I am looking for a female who simply enjoys the BDSM scene without the need to be a "slave" - except during playtime. Life and the overall enjoyment of living is waaaay too important to expend energy with what I consider to be an antique lifestyle.

    I am a very easy going top with a healthy streak of Dom... and that notion of being a "Master" to my slave is far from what I enjoy. "Playing" and the sensuality of the processes of bondage and flogging are what I love and have enjoyed for many years. I do have both equipment and experience - as well as "in the scene" references if you should so need....

    I probably should get this information clarified right away: About a year ago my girlfriend, who was a partner in an "open marriage", and I had a "parting of the ways", and I really do need a BDSM playmate in my life. I am open to most kinds of heterosexual relationships and I am happiest in a fairly dedicated pairing. The word marriage slips in and out my conscious mind as I say this - ooooh, that is a confusing issue!

    Probably the only requirement that I have, other than that we should "click", is that you be more on the slim side.... A playmate is just perfect, to begin with, and if it should grow into a top/bottom or possibly into master slave relationship, that' could be OK too!

    I have been playing for more years than I would like to remember, with girlfriends, wives, and acquaintances - and loving it! Sometimes I crossdress as a Domme, and do that very well, as I am told - most of my friends seem to enjoy my masquerade! An example would be that I top my female submissive at a party or outing... and when we arrive home, she gets to do the topping in a sexual sense. That makes sure that she gets as much sensuality of the type and duration she desires.

    I am not rich, but quite secure in my retirement, and am open for travel, and just all kinds of options... altho I am indeed hetero!

    Richard.... pics and stuff at links below:
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  7. ALise

    ALise New Member

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    Welcome, Richard!

    Hey Richard!
    I was impressed by your pictures! Sooo good! I wish you success in finding the right one for you! Ohh.., but you are already having all the success one can imagine, I believe :)) Would you like to share? I am sure you have lots of good exciting stories!
    The best,
  8. NevadaDom

    NevadaDom New Member

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    Hey Everyone!

    I just joined today. I have plans to move to the Pahrump, Nev. area soon. I will know more by next weekend. I will be on no mail until I get back. But I am looking forward to meeting everyone.
    I am a Dominant looking for a female sub. I hope to make contact with someone.
    Right now, things are in a bit of a turmoil. But they should be all worked out by the end of next month.
    I will write more later.
  9. Bob_Texal

    Bob_Texal New Member

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    I am Bob Texal from Ireland. Hello to everybody. I have been in the scene for some years and am a member of BDSM Ireland, which holds regular munches and play parties. I hope I can get some good ideas from you, while at the same time making useful contributions from time to time.

    Warm regards - Bob
  10. subman46

    subman46 New Member

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    First hello

    Hi I am new to the forum, so hello to everybody out there. I live in the North East of England, I am a submissive looking to gain experience and knowledge about the scene, with the right woman of course.
  11. bklynslave

    bklynslave New Member

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    Dear All,
    Just a hello to everyone.
    I am bklynslave, from Brooklyn, NY- the only one that really counts, lol!
    It would be nice if I could find a Domme for erotic email exchange, phone fantasies or active participation.
    That would be a joy.
    A Dominant Woman to claim and collar me for Her complete ownership
    would be infinitely better.
    Slavely Yours,
  12. unownedslave

    unownedslave New Member

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    hello to all glad to be here and looking forward to meeting some interesting people.
    live in ludowici, ga. - would love me meet and get to know a Femdom Mistress - for on line chatt and go from their.
  13. caryl

    caryl New Member

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    Hello to everyone

    Hi ..Im caryl in San Diego, California. I'm really active in the local Leather/BDSM community here as well as involvement in non-local organizations. Usually others give better responses/posts sooner than I can, but I look forward to seeing where this site goes. Anyone is welcome to message me on yahoo IM for conversation (which is easier for me than emails) or drop me a line here. And if you're ever visiting San Diego, drop me a line and I'll let you know what's going on in the area.

    Best wishes,
  14. pricklypouch

    pricklypouch New Member

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    Hello, I am in North London and have just joined. I am looking for switch females in the same area to chat to and hopefully meet in the future for mutual fun.
  15. sub_servient1

    sub_servient1 New Member

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    From the Atlanta area I say hello to all. Looking foward to meeting someone from the area.
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