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  1. davida50000

    davida50000 New Member

    Why do results for this website show up when i put my username into google, that isnt good :/ should that happen, can we get them removed :O

  2. Ms.sub13

    Ms.sub13 Member

    I searched my name and couldn't find anything on me.
  3. davida50000

    davida50000 New Member

  4. Change it to Davida 5000? Seriously, why worry? Do you use that name for other forums/personal things?

  5. I worry about things like that after some mishaps in other places in the past, but all that comes up for mine is lists of dog training centres :)
  6. davida50000

    davida50000 New Member

    I use that name for EVERYTHING, but i thought forums like this kept everything hidden, ive had my name searched into google in more than one ocasion too, i just happened to look ou of curiosity tonight :/
  7. Ms.sub13

    Ms.sub13 Member

    I dont use mine but wow thanks davida, Now I know how my ex finds everything out.
  8. Sparrow69

    Sparrow69 Moderator

    Personal account info is not revealed. As a common practice, if your concernec about anonimity, you should never post anything personal on any website, ever, because at that point it becomes public domain. We do not require you to reveal personal data on your profile, however, since google owns vbulletin as a subsidiary, they are set to allow you to search certain topics on all vbulletin based forums (60%-65% of all forums in the world) as free domain.

    I would suggest that if you are concerned, then you alter the name you use here, or use plausible denial, as your account here does not show any personal info.

    Sort of suing Google, there is no way to change it. Also bare in mind, the more posts, the better the traffic, which google tracks, and it is that posting traffic that lists you on the ranks of most active, most popular, or most marketable, etc all of which only stand to improve the community we love here, and bring awareness and acceptance to the world.
  9. dorei

    dorei Offline Staff Member

    Hi davida50000.

    You username could be changed, just tell me to do it.

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