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    My friends,

    Many of you were gracious enough to help me out with some graduate research I was conducting. Because of your kind help (and the help of the Furry and BE communities) I was able to complete my research, succesfully, and will graduate with my master's degree in mid-october. I also promised to post a summary of my results here. Rather than make you labor through over 100 pages of APA babble that I wrote, I will simply sum them up:

    My research was to determine if paraphiles (those folks who are exclusively sexually interested in things that are sexually "different") and non-paraphiles (the more vanilla ice cream people) have any difference in levels of Impulse control disorder. I hypothosized that paraphiles would show higher levels of impulse control disorder, and suggested that this was evidenced by more hours spent fantasizing about, enganging in, and even getting in trouble for our particular sexual kinks.

    In 60% of trials, the paraphiles (BE, Breast Fetishists, Foot fetishists, BDSM's, and Furries) showed higher levels of impulse control disorder than non paraphiles. But NOT much higher. The differences, when put into numbers, didn't even amount to what would be called Impulse control disorder, but they were measurably higher. In fact, what was pretty astounding, was that the patterns of arousal and excitement for non paraphiles and paraphiles were exact mirrors of each other, just higher for the paraphiles. In other words, we tend to spend more time thinking about our sexual interests, and get more out of it when we do.
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    Thank you J- glad we could be of service.
    You stated:
    "we tend to spend more time thinking about our sexual interests, and get more out of it when we do."
    Your use of the word 'we' ... does that make you one of us???
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    That's actually pretty interesting. And yes, are you one of us then?
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    Welcome to the club :)

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