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    My first story...I˙m not much of a writer but it was fun and now i˙m sharing it with you all! :D

    There she was, sitting alone on a bench next to a small sex shop. At first glace it seemed she was just resting after a long day of shopping, but then i noticed there were no bags next to her and her gaze kept moving to the shop entrance. I moved a little closer just to satisfy my own curiosity. I sat in a cafe only a few meters away from her only to look away when the waitress asked about my order. After that i looked back at the young women, noticing small details...The color of her eyes, her lips and of course the more naughty aspects of her. But what most caught my attention what her blush. It showed up everytime she look at the sex shop. It rather amuzed me, actually. After i finished my tea i decided to have a little more fun. Slowly i walker closer to her, sitting right next to her. She seemed oblivious to my presence at first, simply staring at the windows of the shop.. Then she let out a soft gasp, i knew she noticed me. Finally i saw ther face up close, it seemed so innocent, shy, simply lovely. We sat there quiet for a few minutes, she obviously wasnt the type to start a conversation so i decided i might as well go for it. " You know, if you keep staring like that, your eyes will pop out. " i said with a gentle chuckle. She seemed be have been at a lose for words, so i kept talking " Hello, Im Bartholomew, but people just call me Bart...whats your name? ". She smiles shyly " Samantha...b.but you can call me Sam. " then her gaze went back to the shop and that cute little blush found its way on her cheeks again. It wasnáąÂ« hard to make the connection. "Affraid of a little sex shop, are we? " i said smiling at her. She was supprised by this shaking her head in an almost furious manner. "I guess youve never been in one, huh? " She nodded slightly " I can escort you in if you want, its not a problem." And at that moment her face lit up and she smiles brightly, but her answer was still shy " O...ok. Thank you. " We both stood up and walked in...

    She looked around the room wide-eyed her face redded with every second we stayed in. We walked around for a bit just looking when suddenly she stopped as we came up to the erotic literature section. I guess she was looking for a book, i thought to myself shame. Wishing she was looking for something a bit more exciting, but then i noticed the book she was looking at, a BDSM story...I walked up to her again, placing my hand on her shoulder. She jumped slightly, not expecting my touch but didnáąÂ« seem to mind. A grin formed on my face but i managed to cover it with a grin before she look. " So that interests you, luv? " And once more i saw her blush and i surely enjoyed every minute of it. Her face moved away trying to hide her embarrasment as he said quietly " Yes, it does. " I gently gripped her shoulder turning her around to face me. " And have you ever tried it?" She shook her head and there is when i saw an opportunity i simply could not pass. " Would you like to? " I say calmly, trying too to sound too excited. And when i thought her face could not get anymore red it did. "I donáąÂ« know..." she answered after a few long seconds. I simply smiled, changing the topic of the conversation " Is that all or do you want anything else? " She shook her head and began walking to the clerk. Thinking myself a bit of a gentleman i payed for her book, it also seemed a good way to get closer to her. As much as i hate to admit it, she charmed me with just a simply blush. After that we walked out of the store.

    And here we were, back on the bench just chatting about random, everyday things. I learned she was 22, she came from L.A and that she moved here because of a job. I told her a few details about myself and we just talked, she seemed to be getting more relaxed around me which was quite refreshing but the moment the topic was sex she got shy again. Blushing bright red as she tried to answer my questions. Not to scare her away i dropped the sex topic and asked if she would like to have a drink with me. She answered quickly now. And so we went to a pub no far from the bench. And after a few drink she was relaxed again, even if we talked about more naughty things. And that is where i decided to simply go for it, to test her submission first hand...
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    I leaned closer, whispering in her ear " You will go into the ladies room, removes your panties and bring them back to me. " She suddenly looked shocked " Wha.." I cut her off, saying "I will not ask again...slave." saying the last word with a especially cold tone. Her face seemed scared, but she stood up and walked in the direction of the toilets. For a moment i thought she was leaving, until i saw her walking back, gripping something in her hand. She sat down, passing me her panties under the table. Honestly i did not expect for this to work, but i was delighted to see her show such obidience. " Thank you, slave. " I said taking the panties in my hands. I whispered to her again. " We will go to my place, where you will be used properly " She nodded gently, a bit affraid but i could see the excitment in her eyes. And so we left the pub and drove back to my appartment...

    Once at the door i turned to her, saying " Slave are not allowed to the dressed inside. " She looked at me with confused look " But, but..." I lifted her chin with my hand, looking into her eyes " Undress here, leave your clothes infront of the door and walk inside naked. "..." But someone might see me here " I said nothing her, releasing her chin i waited, it took a minute or two, but she began to undress. Her body was young, her skin seemed smooth and her breast just large enough to fit in my hand, her sex shaved smooth. Once naked she followed me in the apartment, trying to cover her self. I lead her to a room i had prepared just for such an occasion. Inside were a fair collection of various toys and items. I pointed to the center of the room, saying " Kneel! " and she did as he was told, a little akward maybe be, but her obidience was what mattered to me. I walk around her, inspecting her body, thinking of ways to use her.

    I decided to be more gentle with her. Picking up a ball gag from a shelf i instructed to her to open her mouth, and she did. She probably read enough books to know what a gag was. I Placed it between her lips, tying it securly behind her, next i put handcuffs on her hands, cuffing them together behind her back, so she would not try to cover her breast of sex. With each toy used a more intense blush found its was on her face. And i enjoyed every moment of it, seeing her so helpless before me. Now it was time for the fun to really start, taking a small vibrator i slowly ran it down her body, between her tits, down her stomach and finally all the way to her pussy. She moaned out, closing her eyes. I held the toy against her clit, watching the small waves of pleasure moving up her body. As the pleasure got more intense for her it was time to introduce her to a little pain. Nipple clamps seemed perfect. i took two of them, first placing them against her pussy, so her juices dripped on them before bringing both clamps to her chest, clamping her nipple. A loud gasp left her lips, but the moment i pressed the vibrator against her pussy again it was replaced by moans of pleasure and excitment. Slowly i pushed the toy in her pussy. holding it deep inside her with one hand while the other twisted the clamps on her nipple mixing pleasure with pain...It didnt take long for her to cum, gasping out loudly through her gag, her muscles became tense as an orgasm took over her body.

    As she began to relax again, i toy from her pussy first, softly running my hands up her body to her breast, i removed the left clamp first, brining my lips to her nipple, kissing it then sucking on it gently...Then i removed her right clamp, brining my lips to her nipple again, flicking my tongue over it before sucking on this one too.
    My hands went higher to her neck, undoing the buckle on the gags, removing it from her face. She remained still, breathing deeply as my lips touched hers. We kissed deeply and as i leaned back she said in a soft voice " Thank you, Sir. " I smiled at her, allowing her to use my shower and clean up a bit. Once she came from the shower and was dried up i handed her my Messanger address and phone number, walking her to the door. She seemed dissapointed to leave to soon but i knew this was not the only time i would play with her. I used my phone to call her a taxi as watched her get dressed on the hallway. Once she was fully dressed i hugged her tightly, kissing her neck before whispering " Call me, luv. " She nodded and left, looking back only once to smile at me.


    Hope you like it!

    Cheers! :D
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    That was brilliant :) I'd love to read more, if you have anything else! :)
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    Thanks! :D I don˙t have anymore but i˙ll just get down to writing more :p


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