Damsel in Distress

Discussion in 'General fetish discussions' started by Tie-guy, Jan 30, 2011.

  1. bakerboy

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    Indeed I know :)
  2. bakerboy

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    Not rescued yet :)

  3. Terrago88

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    What for a nice dog.
    I d like to go for a walk with her... :))
  4. bakerboy

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    Take this puppy instead


    clip http://smplace.com/preview?/app/picturegallery/34

    I'll keep the maid :)
  5. bakerboy

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  6. goldering

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    what ancient Rome was a time - what morals.
  7. bakerboy

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    like this ? All slaves branded ;)

  8. bakerboy

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  9. YoungDarkMaster

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    this cage is too big for her
  10. www210985

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    This sounds really exciting! =-)
  11. morbidus

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    bark bark
  12. rubber_doll_lips

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    I played a game recently where you play a princess who is kidnapped and ends up joining her kidnappers in kidnapping in old fashion role playing game(turn based choose your name, same one I used on her). Except when the enemy is weak enough they are tied up or knocked out, same goes for the player, who can be trussed up and gagged if weak enough. Can't help but fantasies about one of the early missions where you are sent to village if captured you are trussed up to a pole.

    'Your adventure ends her,tied and gagged as prize for gladiators. It serves you right!'
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  14. rubber_doll_lips

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  15. bakerboy

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