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Discussion in 'General fetish discussions' started by Hotforheels, Oct 18, 2011.

  1. Hotforheels

    Hotforheels New Member

    Just wondering if any ladies actually enjoy scenarios where they will end up crying o simply having wet eyes enough that there makeup will run down? Any ideas on scenarios where i don't need to be to rough? I'm looking for ways to introduce this with my girlfriend but I want her to enjoy it also... Also any suggestions on with brands of makeup are better for this kind of play?
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  2. Hotforheels

    Hotforheels New Member

    Also, if anyone care to comment on this practice.... I'm quie curious!
  3. Nuka

    Nuka Member

    As a Master, I sometimes get ash to cry just through a little bit of force. Not agressive force, more sudden surprise sex that she plays against. Of course she wants it, but she sometimes fights back, and that creates the mix of emotions to make her cry.

    That or I deprive her of things, like getting close to climaxing and pulling back at the last second. Keep doing it and in comes begging, crying and extreme sensitivity.

    One thing you should do though is ask your partner her opinion or what would get her to do it? Or if she even wants to, you should find that out first :p
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  4. Hotforheels

    Hotforheels New Member

    Of course I will talk to her about it first... altough she is already aware of my fetish. Just trying to see if its more common than I thaugh and if any ideas could make it even more interesting! Thanks
  5. Nuka

    Nuka Member

    Not as an actual fetish perhaps.

    Part of a scene, definately.

    Incorporate it into something. If you're doing a rape play scene, it should definately include crying.
    Begging and full on Domination scene, again, crying.
    Maybe make her do something. Like clean the kitchen for example. Keep inspecting it and tell her she hasn't done it correctly and make her do it again. If she's house proud, really go hard into it and in a way break her walls down and make her cry. (Then give her a good lovin' ;) )

    Use your imagination, and ask her, she's gonna know what will make her cry for definate.
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  6. Hotforheels

    Hotforheels New Member

    Any ladies care to comment?
  7. Hotforheels

    Hotforheels New Member

    Still looking for a woman's point of view...
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  8. SweetyPie69

    SweetyPie69 New Member

    I am a female who loves to be submissive. I love the rape role plays. Biggest thing is to be very open and talk honestly with her. Have a safe word and make her feel comfortable. Explore your likes and dislikes together as you go.
  9. JettOnly

    JettOnly Member

    Face fucking makes your eyes water if she likes it :)
    as for the brands of makeup - usually as cheep as you can get
    a nice cheep non waterproof mascara should run v nicely and kohl varies quite a bit - usually there are makeup testers you/she could try on your hand and then run them under the tap and see which is best

    Im a bit of a goth and really love the smudged smeary panda eyes :) red teary eyes surronded by runny thick black - love the look :)
  10. Hotforheels

    Hotforheels New Member

    Thanks to all for the comments... I'm wondering if this is common in Quebec? Anyone form Quebec here?

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