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Discussion in 'General fetish discussions' started by sealy410, Sep 20, 2011.

  1. sealy410

    sealy410 New Member

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    Hi! I'm new on here and about a year new to BDSM play. I'm trying to figure out (and organize for my personal use) the fetishes that I'm into, and get some terminology cleared up. :)

    I like:

    -breath play
    -being pinned down, handcuffed, restrained but only my arms
    -most sub play (taking orders etc)
    -spanked. i love to be spanked *blushies*
    -verbal humiliation (being called a slut, whore, sex toy, fuck toy)
    -some incest play, mostly father daughter, but I won't play below 12 (is this normal?)

    That's all I have right now, but I'm sure this list will keep growing. If anyone has any suggestions beyond basic safety, how to request such acts and any interesting scenarios/fantasies related to this it would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

  2. Sir Vicarious

    Sir Vicarious New Member

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    How you do it depends on your area and situation. look for a local munch where you can meet different dom's etc. Once they know and trust you, you can learn about different bdsm clubs in the area. Also if you want and can't do a full time dom, get a play partner dom. or a casual dom, someone that just gives you asignments etc.

    If you have any other questions ask me.
  3. sealy410

    sealy410 New Member

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    I also forgot to mention the fact that I'm a switch, and like to be dominant at some points. The extent of what I'll do as a dom is :

    -breath play
    -give orders
    -pin my partner down

    I have done some research and found that I have a very particular fetish for the "princess complex" where, when I am in control, I demand to be treated like royalty and have my every wish fulfilled, until I am teased into a complacency where I become the sub. Are there any suggestions for how this type of scenario should be started? I'm into role playing, but dressing up as an actual princess wouldn't set the mood right for me :/ Any help/ideas?

    Thanks! :D
  4. Sir Vicarious

    Sir Vicarious New Member

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    lol, i started reading that and it reminded me of a few bitchy gf's in high school. So maybe since your into the age play, do it that way. Start out as a highschool bitchy gf, then have your "Teacher/ hs bf etc" do the rest.
  5. decoyicus

    decoyicus Member

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    I have always found the easiest way to ask for something new in your play is to write out a story, it doesn't have to be an Orwellian masterpiece just a basic story. Princess play eh never heard of it until now but sounds like fun I always learn something new when I come on this site. You might have already done this but if not you will want to read the newcomers FAQ I treat it like the BDSM bible when I was first starting out. You seam like a nice gal and I'm sure you will make an excellent addition to the forum welcome.

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