Beginner Master Looking For Online Female Slave

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    MIRROR: Download from MEGA

    I'm 26 years old guy...& I love BSDM & controlling people specially girls..

    I've my terms & my slave must be ready to accept them before talking about more info :

    > She must has a webcam..& it will be great if she has a photography camera too...we will talk by videochat...& she must be ready to send me her photos..I'll order her to take insulting photos for herself because I love such photos & I've cool ideas.

    I love to humiliate my slaves by words & by order them to write on their body, do hard work, make them beg me for real reasons, I love to own my slaves information or secrets "somehow" I can't describe it well but everything will be clear after you feel trust me & after I feel that you are my perfect slave.

    what else ??..I don't know..but I'll answer any questions...
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