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    I am a 30 year old male master, looking for a female slave to train online. I communicate via email, so time zone is not important. Interested slaves must meet the following requirements.

    Be female, and 18 or older.
    Have a digi-cam.
    Have some privacy, either your own place, or own room: Unless of course, you like to play with your room mate.
    Not have my main interests as hard limits.

    My main interests are:

    Forced masturbation
    Orgasm denial

    I have other interests too, but these are more negotiable. They are:

    Name calling
    Controlling your dress code, grooming, leisure time etc
    Prolonged scenes (corner time etc)
    Having you keep a blog.

    I am patient and understanding, when circumstances are beyond your control. I am very strict though, if you misbehave for no reason. Beginners are preferred. But if you are willing to be trained, I accept slaves with experience.

    For me, the enjoyment is in training a slave. You will be trained in phases. This is to allow you to grow, and to avoid bombarding you with everything at once.

    Interested candidates can email me at [email protected] We can take things from there. Feel free to tell me a bit about yourself. I will give you a bio to complete though. That will give me a good idea of what I’m working with.

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