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    Elephant play greatly becomes popular in the TOKYO HOT day nursery. As far s the scene that beauty & kind RENA SAKURA of kindergarten teacher and kindergarteners play happily is heartwarming. There are too many spirits and is always excited at the body of elegant RENA though all atrocious erotic kindergarteners putting adults to shame are energetic and fully. They get excited by showing RENA the cock erected while singing the nursery rhyme. They love the elephant play that pushes the cock in the pussy and mouth. RENA who cannot say it is unpleasant even if she is made female ejaculation by electric massage machine and is made vaginal cum shot is just has been done as they like to do. It keeps being fucked even by villainy erotic kindergarteners' erotic parents at the end and the appearance that falls to a dirty meat urinal is must see. RENA is completely at a loss to the kindergarteners who do not hear what she says. It is not only the kindergarteners do not put toys in order but also the finger the body of interesting RENA. They unclothe the clothes of RENA and bursts stocking. Immediately after, RENA who cannot opposes mischief and has been played whatever they want is made to take off the panty and is opened pussy greatly. The clitoris is fingered and pussy is severely licked. The cock is pushed into the mouth immediately after and she is made fellatio. The spectacle that keeps being sucked in a painful expression is obscene. And then cock inserted at missionary posture. The appearance that the connecting part where the joy juice that becomes cloudy drips is gazed at and seriously feels shy gets excited. Then it is vaginal cum shot after the piston is intensely done at missionary & bending posture by getting rolled up labia meat. The vaginal orifice opens greatly and RENA is a blank surprise to unexpected vaginal cum shot. RENA is shown off a cock by them the next day. In addition, it is pushed into the mouth and she is made to suck. Also the rotor toy is held to the pussy at the same time. The clitoris is continuously stimulated by the finger and rotor toy is pushed in the vagina, and she faints in agony. The mega vibs toy is also inserted immediately after. It is intensely stirred and she pants. In addition, the pussy is stimulated with two electric massage machines and a large amount of joy juice gushes. Immediately after, she struggles and suffers and made female ejaculation while goes into convulsions the lower half of the body. And she is made acme at the same time. The clitoris that is greatly enlarged is must see. However, the electric massage machine is obstinately held after acme and she is made acme again. The vaginal orifice remains opening. The pussy is drenched much in the joy juice. Then, Cuzco is continuously inserted. The uterine ostium is considerably small. It is beautiful in the vagina of a thin pink color. This is a last look to a flawless pussy before it is made to full by semen. They get excited further because they see in a beautiful vagina. RENA is pushed the cock into the mouth one after another. She is made the lick of three at the same time and the limit finally. The cock is immediately put in the interior of the throat and fellatio continues though she dislikes it seriously and shouts. Immediately after, RENA is made to make the appearance of the apron in complete nudity and is inserted cock at missionary posture. And vaginal cum shot is made at backward woman on top posture after she is poked at side and back posture. Immediately after, second cock inserted at back posture and semen injected at side posture. Labia meat gets rolled up and the pussy is destroyed partially. Then third cock inserted at bending posture and vaginal cum shot is made. The pussy is drenched in a large amount of semen. Immediately after, parents come to pick them up just after that but they are astonished to see the terrible figure of RENA. They are convinced that it must be RENA to have taught the elephant play that used a cock at the same time and rage. RENA is stripped off the apron and gets the whole body fingered. Immediately after, she is made an open leg pose and is pushed cock into the pussy one after another, and is made vaginal cum shot. The pussy that is injected semen of ten totals is completely destroyed. The piston is deeply done many times and semen is poured into the interior of the womb by the tenth cock. Pussy is already muddy much. RENA who broke completely only hollowly watches the midair. She rushes into the restroom gradually just after that. She sits on the toilet seat and expanded pussy by the finger urinates in large quantities. It is not only she polluted a toilet seat with pee but also made break wind at the last! It is too much of being vulgar! After this, RENA is loved more by kindergarteners and parents and is made many vaginal cum shot every day. The rumor spreads by word of mouth and she is selected for the educational show on television as a cast of the song. It is exposed the appearances which is made vaginal cum shot a lot to the whole country and might be near on the day of which it goes mad.

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