Tokyo-Hot n0493 Fresh sacrifice - Miyuki Tsuji

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    MIYUKI TSUJI is a naive girl who is ashamed and cannot confess though the head of MIYUKI of young student is full of favorite senior. A certain day MIYUKI is called by the senior and becomes a lucky situation only of two in the classroom. She calls at the top of her voice and confesses love as said she will do anything for him. However, the aim of the senior was only the innocent body. There is no change in the desire to the senior even if she is stamped on earnest thought and is made vaginal cum shot or she is fucked by all classmates. A honest, pure female young student climbs the stairs to adult and matures into a meat urinal while she is insulted. MIYUKI who is to be only two with senior in classroom feels shy and is nervous. However, the senior has not the special feelings but only intend to fuck. A man begins to make deep kiss and caress bust. Though MIYUKI opposes it first, she leaves her body at once. Immediately after, she is made taking off the panty and the pussy is opened greatly by the open leg pose. The pussy gradually gets wet when the clitoris is fingered. And, it is finger fuck and she got acme while uttering a lovely pant voice. In the next, she sucks the cock. MIYUKI who sucks while looking up at senior in standing fellatio is a pupil of the maiden who falls in love. It is foolish MIYUKI though the purpose of the senior is only the body. And then he inserted cock at standing back posture. Large amounts of joy juice that become cloudy gush while she is poked at woman on top & missionary posture. The anal surrounding becomes pure-white, too. Immediately after, it is vaginal cum shot at missionary posture. She was connected with the loved senior. MIYUKI is secretly pleased even if vaginal cum shot was made. However, there was a man who had been looking at the full detail. It is man of classmate of MIYUKI. The man asks MIYUKI to come and threaten DVD which photographed the all the details of the vaginal cum shot to the material. The purpose is a body of MIYUKI. Furthermore, an insufficient unit is admitted by offering body of MIYUKI to teachers and the underlying motive from which it tries to graduate safely. It troubles the senior if the image of vaginal cum shot comes out in the table. MIYUKI could not but be at the mercy of you. She is made to take off clothes by teachers and the whole body is fingered. And it is careful licking service by the open leg pose. She bears humiliation desperately even if she is kissed continuously and the whole body is licked. Immediately after, cock inserted. Teachers who go into raptures at young body intensely stir the pussy as the desire goes and satisfied. Then, they injected semen. The insertion & vaginal cum shot is repeated. The semen of six totals is continuously poured into MIYUKI whom kept being fuck & vaginal cum shot one after another. Immediately after, the electric massage machine is pushed to the pussy and she ejaculates. MIYUKI shakes the whole body and pants. It is classmates' insulting to wait for MIYUKI who has been teachers' sacrifices as follows. The cock is thrown in the mouth and she is made fellatio. In addition, cock inserted to the interior of the throat and she struggles. And then cock inserted at missionary posture. Pussy is intensely stirred at the side, backward woman on top, woman on top and back posture and she faints in agony. Then vaginal cum shot is made just after that. The second cock inserted at once and semen injected at missionary posture. Then third cock inserted Men of classmate of juniors gather at the same time and they stares at fucked MIYUKI and vaginal cum shot was made by many men while being stared. In the next, men insert the cock one after another in the pussy of MIYUKI who is suppressed by open leg pose and made vaginal cum shot. The pussy into which the semen of nine totals is poured has collapsed. Then, it is electric massage machine attack. MIYUKI is going into convulsions the lower half of the body. Immediately after, Cuzco inserted. The uterine ostium that is hurt severely is exposed, too. The vagina road that moves strangely is also lascivious. In addition, tea is poured at a dash. It is TOKYO HOT style vagina washing. It cannot but feel love of men thinking of MIYUKI. The fan club of MIYUKI is organized after this. It is made fuck & vaginal cum shot on the pretence of the gathering of fans day after day. It is an opportunity that she was fucked with a favorite senior, as a result, MIYUKI who was able to know several cocks seems to be positive in the thing being inserted for various cocks in order to become an attractive adult woman in the future.

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