The Strict & Experienced Babysitter Spanking

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    The following day of my 18th birthday my parents were going to dinner which meant that they were getting me a babysitter. I pouted and argued for over an hour with my mom before dad threatened the strap. I grow up in a southern predominately southern area were parents are stricter when it comes to hardcore discipline.

    I was in my room putting on my pj's when a plan came to my head. Since it was a babysitter I wanted to test her and see if she would spank because only one of 6 has before and my mother gave her permission. I guarantee i can get away with my naughty ramblings and arguments tonight! What a great way to spend my Tuesday evening...

    The door rang downstairs and i quickly looked to see who my parents had chose. My mother opened the door and a woman in her mid 30's smiled and made greetings. I heard my dad notify her of my defiance and she laughed it off. My mom and dad got there final belongings and said goodbye and paid her upfront.

    I laid watching not another teen movie for a couple hours before i heard her come up. She asked me why i hadn't came down or responded to her when she asked if she could come in. I looked at her and gave her a snobby look and told her to piss off. She looked angry for a second but then a calm wave overtook her and she accepted and shut the door.

    I waiting in my room a bit angry still and wondered if my dad would apply the strap when he came home or mom's dreaded hand spanking. Something that has not happened in months but at this point quickly decided to comply with the sitter and let her know im sorry. I decided to walk downstairs and apologize when I heard her on the phone with someone. I focused and tried to hear what was being made out.

    I stood there for what seemed like eternity as i my foot started to drift and made some noise in the the living room. She looked and saw me and then I realized it was my parents on the phone because she told them I finally made my way down.

    Next thing i know she hung the phone up and asked me to walk over to her. Like I though I was going there for one thing and that was to apologize! She quickly grabbed my hand and dragged me to the chair. She put me over her knee and begin stinging my backside of my pj's with her fierce palm. I started struggling as she pinned my legs and held my right hand from jerking, i knew I was in for an experienced baby sitting spanking... I heard her grab something looked back and instantly knew I was in for a hairbrushing.

    I squirmed, yelled, cried...the whole deal...but nothing would stop the bathbrush from my backside. After about 15 minutes i heard her grab something and loudly announced this was appreciate and my parents recommended it. What she was grabbing was...the dreaded bathbrush...UGH

    I held tight to the bottom legs of the chair and held my breath as the smacks made contact with my near exposed buttocks with stings worse than a thousand bees. My tears started dripping onto to the floor as i pleaded i was sorry and didn't mean to upset her. She continued to constantly leave stinging contact with the bottom part of my bottom - or the sitting spot -

    I had not idea i was going to experience a punishment like this... She held me in position allowed me to cry and told me to get up and apply lotion to my tender butt. I complied walked into the bathroom and slowly lowered my PJ bottoms as my thong slowly appeared black and blue was all i could make out of my already throbbing spanked butt.

    I cried walked downstairs asked her if she would keep the bathbrush a secret from my parents because it was the most painful experience of my life. The next thing I heard was pure terror. She looked right at me and said "your dad left that here for me to used, although, its not mine its your parents new guidance tool for that mouthy attitude of yours." Thank you for reading my story feel free to comment and leave experiences of your own as well!
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