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    Night was falling as we ate dinner in silence staring at the walls and avoiding communication. I did not have as much of a problem with the silence because I was the reason she was quite. A few hours earlier I had been talking with the neighbors outside when my wife comes out and starts complaining and after i told her to wait started throwing a tantrum. As she sat down across from me wearing her work clothes she knee they would soon my off for a real domestic spanking to remember.

    It had been about 30 minutes before I decided it was time to make the spanking happen. I walked into the garage and grabbed the bathbrush I had purchased at the local hardware store earlier that afternoon. She knew she was going to get it but I don't think she knew how bad! I walked inside grabbed the lotion and the discipline strap and check to make sure I had everything one more time.

    She was sitting watching television in the living room when i walked in with bathbrush in hand as i saw her mouth and eyes drop at the dreaded spanking she was soon to receive on her bare buttocks. I slowly asked her why she was being spanked and her only response was she did not know. I decided at that point it was time to start the process of turning her tender skinny butt pale white to bright red.

    I grabbed her by the wrist and started putting her into position as I heard her start to cry before it even started! I reminded her that this spanking will continue until she can tell me what she is being disciplined for and until she understands not to do it again. She squirmed and tried to free herself but knew the spanking was necessary and complied.

    I started with the discipline strap that we use to spank each other when one another disobeyed. As usual, her bottom started to turn from white to pink soon enough. I grabbed the bathbrush held her legs and hand tight and rained down a storm of stinging spanks right on the sit spot of her lower bottom. At this point her bottom was forming the right amount of discipline i was looking for and she was in tears trying to keep up with the pain of the brush spanking. I pulled her undies up and began spanking her with my hand for about 10 - 15 more minutes until she could take no more.

    I wanted to send a clear message across to not disobey and after she admitted and is now laying on her stomach I think I did...When a wife or partner disobeys or does not comply with rules set in advance a spanking can be a great reminder physically and mentally!

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