The Pet (DVD rip - movie)

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    I got this from someone on another board, but I thought I would share it here for you guys. Credit goes to the original poster.

    The Pet (Movie - 2006)

    Great movie about Slave and master with reality story.

    story :
    The story follows a young woman who, in an emotional and financial crisis, succumbs to the charm of an aristocratic benefactor. Their relationship develops from her desire to be loved and cared for and his desire to overcome the loss of his beloved setter, a loyal and devoted pet. She agrees for a considerable sum of money to become his human pet, to sleep in a cage, never wear clothes, and to be led on a leash for a period of six-months. His desire to showcase his beautiful new pet and to have her market value appraised prompts him to place her on the GSM [Global Slave Market]. His arrogance and wealth together are no match for the power and ruthlessness of 21st century slave traders.

    poster :


    Screenshot :


    The links here here, split into two parts. Join with HJ split to make the AVI file. It is 700 megabytes when joined. Each part is half, but they don't play separately.
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