The Enema

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    Author: ME

    I hold the tiny note in my hand that simply tells me to go to room 12 at the oak lodge so thats where i am headed in my car not knowing why i was headed there just that i didnt know who or where the note came from as i pull up to the lodge i start to get nervous i dont know who is going to be behind that door or what is in store for me i head up to the room and turn the door handle i take a deep breath before i open it.

    There in the middle of the room is a man standing at about 6 foot tall and of solid build in my head im saying not bad as my face grins i know where i have seen his face we have been talking about my fantasys over the net for months now, he walks towards me while he says " gabby id knew you would obey me and come its so lovely to meet you in person"

    i dont know what to say back to him so i whisper " thanks Sir". This is what he told me to call him i dont even know his name or where he lives. He grabs me and pulls me close then wispers in my ear " youre mine for this whole afternoon i am going to do wit you as i please" before i could react he lifts me up and throws me on the bed that he has set up with four silk ropes attached to each bed post as i struggle knowing it is no good he ties my last limb to the bed. i start to cry not knowing what he is going to do, he gags me and is telling me not to cry i am in safe hands, i hear him plug something in as i try to scream i start to feel a vibration on my now swollen clit i start squirming as he holds my pelvis down with his arm so i cannot move my bottom half, as i feel my orgasm growing the screams turn into moans Sir notices this and wispers in a soft voice "if you cum before i tell you to i will pour wax all over you"

    he knows wax is something i dont like and now he is going to use it against me i dont know what to do i have never had to control myself from orgasming so i just take a deep breath and try not to cum but he pushes the wand closer to me he is trying to make me cum, i cannot take it anymore i have to let go so i do i cum and cum and cum, he pulls the wand away as my body shakes he stares at me and says " Slut what did i tell you..........i told you not to cum yet you did now its time for your punishment"

    i was waiting for a candle but instead he brings out a pole with what looks like a bag of iv fluid out he puts it beside the bed and comes round to my face, he takes the gag out as i take deep breaths he asks "have you ever had an enema before" i quietly wisper "no Sir" he chuckles and says "oh your in for a real treat". He pulls out a bag from underneath the bed and grabs out a long tube and a large purple dildo with a hold through the middle as he sets it up i ask him "how does this work Sir" he laughs and say "well the dildo goes in your ass and i pump this bag and 3 more into your asshole then i am going to leave you here for awhile and when i come back i may or may not untie you and let you go piss"

    at this point i am crying i have never had something so big in my ass and i havent seen him pull out lube i think to myself oh god i hope he has lube and lots of it. After he has set up the tube he brings the dildo to my mouth and goes start sucking as this is going in your ass, i suck and spit on it as much as i can he then takes it to my ass and starts to wiggle it in i scream god damn it hasnt got enough lube Sir chuckles and keeps pushing it in but i scream louder he puts it on the bed and he forces the gag into my mouth he then goes back to the dildo and he spits on the then spits on my asshole and spreads it around, i feel the dildo being forced into me i relax to try and decrase the pain but it is still sore, after what seems like a life time of pain the dildo finally pops in and slides into my ass at this point i am already crying. Sir connects the tube to the dildo and adjusts the height of the pole then he starts to to pump the water whisch is very cold into my asshole, As i feel myself starting to cramp a feel a tear run down my cheek oh god im crying again, " gabby dont cry its not pain its just discomfort i could have been using the wax on you instead you should be thanking me"

    i just nod and try to keep back the tears, after the second bag i cant take much more i start to flex my asshole and eventually the dildo pops out. Sir slaps me across the face and tells me to keep it in or he will leave me on the bed tied up for even longer. Once the third bag has been squezzed in he looks at me pulls the dildo out and leaves the hotel room.......................
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    I went through and added some spacing, just to make it a bit more readable and appealing than a wall of text. If you dislike it this way, you can edit it back; that's fine.

    Good story, though you might want to brush up on your punctuation a bit ;)
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    haha im no good at punctuation hahaha but i am kinda good at stories
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    I enjoyed the read very much :]
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    read with great pleasure ! Thanks !
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    Well, I never like to read sex stories but after reading your story I found something interesting and totally different feeling for me than watching porn movie. I have to say that your story is superbly fantastic. I love to read your story. It's quite fabulous feeling to read it.

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