Submissive girl looking for an online master

Discussion in 'BDSM and Fetish personals' started by little kitten, Jan 18, 2011.

  1. little kitten

    little kitten New Member

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    Hello all! I'm an 19 year-old girl from Scandinavia and I'm in a desperate need of an online master.
    Please send me a PM if you are interested! ^_^
    Oh and by the way. I'm very inexperienced so you'd have to be good to teach ! : )

    - little kitten
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  2. seflamaster

    seflamaster New Member

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    I am looking for an online sub or slave type to play with online on cam during the day as I work you play and do as told.
  3. domination5

    domination5 Active Member

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    I am 32 m eg into onlneroleplayng with alpha beta subs and switches . I am into humiliaytion 3 somes . pm me at
  4. Death

    Death Member

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    I don't want to criticize in any way, but you should be more specific in what you're asking for. Otherwise, I would imagine that it greatly increases the likelihood of mere creeps replying to you. I have checked out many threads like yours, before, but what's been written in them has just been too unspecific for me to reply to. :/

    If you are inexperienced, surely you do not want the creeps going after you? Well, they will, anyway, but I'd imagine that making specific requests may make it less likely to happen....
  5. Sasquatch1812

    Sasquatch1812 New Member

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    Hello there. I'm interested in training you and being your master. I am a very dominant man. I am 19 and seeking a new online submissive. If you are interested, pm me at

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